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Transistor Achievement/Trophy Guide

Achievement/Trophy Guide


Reach the Goldwalk District.

Simply play the story and reach the Goldwalk District. This will be the first trophy you get, early in the game.


Confront Sybil at the Empty Set.

Eventually Red confronts Sybil, the first boss in the game. You actually have to defeat her four times, as she comes back with full HP after the first three skirmishes. The key here is to use Turn() to escape her attacks - just run away from her and wait for the right opportunity to attack. Focus on defense (especially when you have limiters equipped) and Sybil shouldn't be a problem.


Use 10 different OVC terminals.

There are OVC terminals scattered throughout the world of Cloudbank, each of which adds a little bit to the overall narrative. There are more than 10 terminals in the game, so as long as you keep an eye out for them you should get this trophy with little trouble.


Complete five encounters with one or more Limiters in use.

Look at the Risk() achievement/trophy for Limiter strategies.


Complete five encounters with five or more Limiters in use.

Look at the Risk() achievement/trophy for Limiter strategies.


Complete five encounters with 10 Limiters in use.

This is probably the hardest achievement/trophy in the game, especially since it can only be completed on New Game+ or later (which increases the game's difficulty). Don't be afraid to restart if you get into trouble - remember that you lose functions with each death, which can be crippling in this situation. It's also critical to collect cells in this scenario, as they can respawn enemies and further complicate encounters.

Smart function combinations make this achievement/trophy a whole lot more manageable. There are numerous possibilities here, but I found Mask() with the Jaunt() upgrade effect to be useful since I could hide while my Turn() function recharged. Using Crash() as an upgrade effect is also recommended since it allows you to stuck lock enemies. Spark() + Crash() + Bounce() is a particularly effective combination for stunning enemies. Switch() is another potential function here, as it allows you to turn enemies' allegiances for a far more even fight. Lastly, consider Tap() for an upgrade slot - now your attacks will also heal you.


Confront Spine at the Bracket Towers facade.

The Spine is the second boss in the game. The fight includes plenty of cover, though The Spine destroys that cover when he tried to attack the player. Hide behind the white pillars before he destroys them and only use Turn () when the cover disappears. Sometimes he shoots out cells which will transform into Bad Cells, so collect those to avoid a lopsided fight. If you have the Limiter equipped that gives cells armor, the Spark() function is a good one to use at it targets multiple cells. Eventually his head will disappear, and you can go inside him to destroy the heart.


Achieve user level 8.


Achieve user level 16.


Achieve user level 24.

Remember that Limiters provide extra experience. This achievement/trophy can be achieved in two playthroughs bearing that in mind, but it may take a third if you ignore most of the Limiters. Tests on the beach level also provide a lot of experience, and the rest of the guide contains strategies for those.


Confront Grant and Asher at Bracket Towers.

Reach the top of Bracket Towers to find Grant and Ahser's dead bodies. There won't be a boss fight for this one.


Confront Royce beyond Cloudbank.

Royce is the final boss in the game, though this encounter is a bit different: he also has the Turn() function and operates just like the player. And much like the Sybil fight, you have to defeat him three times as he regains his health after the first two fights. Obviously you'll be using the Turn() function a whole lot in this encounter, so Jaunt() is a great passive skill since it allows you to recover Turn() at a faster rate. You also want to get behind him as much as possible for maximum damage, so consider putting Mask() in an upgrade slot for increased backstab damage. All in all this is a pretty easy boss fight, so aside from those tips just use Turn() often and stick to your usual strategies.


Complete the Story.


Inspect five completed Function Files.

Look at the Reveal() achievement/trophy for more info on Function Files.


Inspect 10 completed Function Files.

Look at the Reveal() achievement/trophy for more info on Function files.


Inspect al completed Function Files.

Function Files are unlocked by using functions in battle, which marries the gameplay and narrative in an interesting way. You have to use each function in the active, upgrade, and passive slots respectively at least once in battle to unlock the corresponding Function File. Doing this for all 16 functions results in the achievement/trophy.


Complete each Stability Test.

Stability tests task you with staying alive for a set amount of time, which isn't very difficult. In fact, the cowardly approach is often useful here - just run around the map if you get into trouble and avoid all encounters. The Mask() function also helps as it allows you to hide for a short time.


Unlock every Transistor function.

Leveling up unlocks new functions. All of them will be unlocked at level 13.


Deal at least 1,024 damage in one Turn() in the Practice Test.

Look at the Everything() achievement/trophy.


Deal at least 2,048 damage in one Turn() in the Practice Test.

This one is all about finding the right function combination. Bring along the Get() function in an active slot, the Void() function in an active slot, and the Cull() function in an active slot with Load() and Breach() upgrades on it. A maximum of five creeps will spawn but we want them bunched together, so use Get() to bring them closer to each other. Then execute Turn() and use Void() three times followed by Cull() and watch the chaos ensue.


Complete each Planning Test.

Planning Tests are kind of like puzzle in that you have to figure out the right way to use given functions in a single turn. All of them are pretty easy and can be repeated constantly until you find the right solution.


Unlock every Process Limiter.

Leveling up unlocks Process Limiters. All of them will be unlocked at level 15.


Unlock 32 MEM.

You can choose memory upgrades as you level up. The last comes at level 16 and raises maximum memory to the required 32.


Clear one of each Test.

Self-explanatory, though Agency tests don't unlock until you beat the game. So this can only be earned in New Game+.


Create a Function combination required 12 MEM.

There are four functions in the game that require four MEM: Void(), Cull(), Tap(), and Help(). Combine three of them in a single function slot to get the achievement/trophy.


Upgrade a function with a copy of itself.

Once you reach level 14, you can start choosing copies of existing functions. Eventually you'll have two Crashes, two Breaches, two Sparks, etc. Put a function in an active slot and then put a copy of that same function in the upgrade slot to unlock the achievement/trophy.


Complete each Speed Test.

You have to kill all enemies in a set amount of time in Speed Tests. When you use Turn() the timer stops, so always plan your attacks and pick up the cells to prevent enemies from respawning.


Unlock every Upgrade Slot and Passive Slot.

Leveling up unlocks upgrade and passive slots. All of them will be unlocked at level 20.


Inspect all completed Limiter Files.

Limiters Files are unlocked by using Limiters at least once in battle. Use all 10 Limiters in battle (not necessarily at the same time), and then inspect the Limiter files at an Access Point.


Complete each Agency Test.

Agency tests are available after completing the game for the first time, so they must be done in New Game+. You fight copies of yourself in the three Agency Tests, and they unfold exactly like the Royce boss fight. Thus you can use the same strategies against the Red copies with little trouble.


Recurse through the story.

Transistor's New Game+ mode is called Recursion. Simply beat the game a second time to unlock the achievement/trophy, but prepare yourself for a challenge. Enemies that appeared at the end of the game can now show up in any level, and bosses are a lot tougher the second time around.


Complete each Performance Test.

Performance Tests are wave-based challenges, all of which don't unlock until a second playthrough. There are seven of these tests, and each one adds more and more waves (the final one is 16 waves long). You are provided with random functions and gain new ones with each wave, which adds a random element and makes it hard to outline a set strategy. Be sure to practice all of the functions before taking these challenges on, as there's no telling what functions you might get.


Clear every test.

This one is self-explanatory. Remember that you can't complete every test in a single playthrough.