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Is Fall Guys couch co-op? Local multiplayer and split screen guide

Players are on the hunt for a Fall Guys couch co-op mode, with many wondering if there is a local co-op or split screen option in the PS4 and PC game. So can you play Fall Guys local multiplayer? Or is it online-only?

Fall Guys bills itself as a “massively multiplayer party game,” so many are inevitably hoping that they can hold this party in their own homes with their friends and family. While the game revolves around online matching, is there split screen co-op, too?

Is there a Fall Guys local split-screen multiplayer mode?

Is there a Fall Guys local split-screen multiplayer mode?

Sadly, there is currently no way to play Fall Guys with local players. This means you can’t play online with someone locally with you on the couch. You also can’t play some sort of local co-op mode with bots. Be it a separate co-op mode, the online multiplayer, or a campaign with bots, you can’t play Fall Guys with someone else next to you.

But that does not mean that none of these features will ever come. Developer Mediatonic said that while it doesn’t have split-screen multiplayer now, but it will “put this forward as a suggestion.” Games evolve all the time so at least the studio is aware that people want this mode.

Local offline multiplayer seems a little more improbable, but still something that Mediatonic didn’t outright deny. When prompted, the team said that it is built for 40 to 60 players “at the moment” as it has been focusing on its online capabilities. But Mediatonic said that players could drop by its Discord to drop in suggestions.

Bots seems similarly improbable but not outright shot down. The developer didn’t give much indication that bots would be coming, but did say that it had no bots “at the moment.” That means that it may come down the line.

Essentially, it seems that while none of these features are guaranteed, online play with split-screen has a decent probability of making it while local modes and bots have a lower probability of getting patched in.

Fall Guys split screen in future update?

No split screen is supported in Fall Guys, though Mediatonic’s Joe Walsh has stated that they’d be interested in providing it in a future update.

“We’d love to have split screen but at some point during development we had to cut it in order to get the game finished in time!,”

Walsh said in a Reddit AMA. “It’s a HUGE undertaking from so many disciplines and we decided it would be better not to spread ourselves too thin and make sure the game we delivered is up to par.

“That said, you never know what might come post launch! I’d certainly love to play split screen and it gets requested TONS by the community.”

Walsh’s comments indicate that the team is well aware of Fall Guys‘ community wanting a split screen mode, so we’ll have to wait and see if it will be added in the future. The game’s immediate success has drawn parallels with Rocket League, which is one of the most popular local multiplayer games around, so hopefully it’ll lean into couch co-op in the future.