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Does Horizon Zero Dawn PC support DLSS 2.0?

If you’ve got a fancy Nvidia RTX graphics card, you might be wondering if Horizon Zero Dawn on PC uses DLSS 2.0. We’ve seen another Decima engine game utilize the impressive A.I. technology to deliver impressive visuals at no additional performance cost, and it would be great to see another big open-world game using the same tech. Here’s the updated answer to “Does Horizon Zero Dawn on PC use DLSS 2.0?

Does Horizon Zero Dawn on PC use DLSS 2.0?

Does Horizon Zero Dawn PC use DLSS 2.0

Horizon Zero Dawn on PC does not use DLSS 2.0. At the time of writing, there is no support for Nvidia’s A.I. upscaling technology.

As we touched on in our review for the PC version, it was disappointed to find that this Decima engine game didn’t employ the same level of graphical features as Death Stranding. While that is a newer game and likely using an updated version of the engine, there was still some expectation that DLSS 2.0 may be used.

Death Stranding on PC makes incredible use of DLSS 2.0, allowing a 1440p native image to be upscaled to 4K with very little impact on performance. This makes the game’s open world more manageable for lesser hardware.

Horizon Zero Dawn on PC, however, is very demanding, even at 1080p. Thankfully, we’ve put together a “Best Settings Guide” to help players tweak and customize the options for a smooth frame-rate.

As for other issues with lag or frame-rate issues, you can check out our guides here (lag fix) and here (how to get more FPS).

We’ll be sure to update this post with new information, should any news about DLSS 2.0 being added to Horizon Zero Dawn in a post-launch patch.

Here’s hoping that DLSS 2.0 becomes more widely adopted in future games. Perhaps we’ll see Horizon Forbidden West adopt this tech, if it ever comes to PC!