Box art - Race Team Manager

Race Team Manager iPhone Cheats

Tips and Tricks

Perform well to gain experience for your crew.

Your sponsor will gain experience depending on whether or not you met the position criteria. At the start of each race it’ll tell you to place a specific position or better to get experience.

A higher level driver will qualify you up the Grid, meaning access to better upgrades. A better mechanic will recover your Service meter faster, and the higher level your sponsor is the more bonus money you’ll earn at the end of a race.

There is no bad or mixed upgrade in this game. However the most useful upgrades though are the efficiency upgrades. These will improve your fuel and tyres so you can last longer during the races.

Facilities unlock extra additions to your line up, such as more upgrades, passive bonuses, etc. The most important facility to build is the Communications option, as this will increase the speed at which your Service meter fills up.

There are three driving modes:

Balanced driving is the normal driving mode where Fuel and Tyres consumption rate is normal, and you have a regular chance for overtakes and slipstreams.

Cautious driving is the reserved driving mode where Fuel and Tyres consumption rate is slower than usual, but you will get less overtake chances.

Aggressive driving is the all-out driving mode where Fuel and Tyres consumption rate is very fast, but you will get overtakes and slipstreams very often.

Start out with aggressive driving and get up the positions in the race quickly. Once you get that first spot switch to cautious mode so you can go as long as you can before pit stop.