Forza Horizon 2 Xbox360 Cheats

General Tips
  • Where the first Showcase event takes place, near the mid-point of the map's right side, you can find a Bucket List Challenge. Accept that challenge. From the start, perform a quick 180-degree turn at the very start. Head out of the hangar and turn left to follow the sidewalk, ramming objects as quickly as possible to build up a wreckage combo. Near the end, perform another 180-degree turn and follow the sidewalk again, all the way past the end of the road. If you have done it properly, you get air twice and then launch down the hill. Continue holding down the accelerator and drift left or right. This typically results in a bonus for executing a kangaroo combo, and you should also earn a 'Great' or better rating for your drift. Once you have mastered it, you can repeatedly perform this technique for easy skill points.
  • Upgrade often. You may be tempted to save money for upgrades for better vehicles, but the immediate benefit for an upgrade on the car you're currently using is too good to ignore. Don't worry too much about money, you'll earn plenty along the way.
  • The harder you make the game, the more money you earn. Use the assists at first to familiarize yourself with the game (unless you're super confident in the beginning), and then begin to turn them off to earn more cash.
  • Perks are another way to increase the money you earn, though they don't prove as beneficial as adjusting the difficulty/turning off sliders.
  • Go off road every once in a while to find hidden secrets. Even in races you can do so to get better times and edge out the competition.
  • Don't rely on the rewind feature too much. Eventually you'll participate in online races and other competitions in which rewinding results in penalties. Plus, it takes away some of the fun if you rely on it constantly.


Cheat Codes

Extra Skill Point Exploits

Fully upgrade the Supra GT and you can earn some easy skill points in two locations. The first is the airport, in the north area of the region. You can drag race from one end of the air strip to the other, then use a hard brake/drift/j-turn and return in the opposite direction, earning a bunch of points each time. From the airport, you can find the second area by traveling south until you reach a dry river bed. Here, it is easy to string jumps and drifts together for skill multipliers. Drive on and off ledges at full speed to earn a bunch of great perks.

Speed Trap Exploit

At the speed traps, cameras will spot you when you drive faster than 30MPH. If you are playing with a friend, he or she can then find you and beat your time to score an easy 50,000 CR. A good trick here is to work with a friend to gain some wealth. Drive just over 30MPH so that your speed is noted by the camera, then have your friend just barely exceed it so that he or she earns a reward. Now speed up so that you just barely exceed your friend's speed. Continue swapping back and forth and each time, one or the other of you can gain an additional reward, making it easy to quickly build up all sorts of resources.

Fast Skill Points Exploit

Earning skill points can typically take quite a while, but you can shorten the process significantly. Start by purchasing the Ultima GTR (2012) vehicle. Next, fully upgrade it. Take it to the long stretch on the east end of the highway that runs between Nice and the Horizon festival. Once you are in position, drive northwest along the highway at maximum speed, weaving between traffic and building up multipliers. As you pass through the tunnel and the divider goes away, burn out or use the emergency brake and turn around so that you are now driving in the opposite direction. In this manner, you can build up tons of points in as little as a couple of hours.

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Welcome to Horizon EuropeYou arrive at the Horizon Festival in style
First of manyYou won your first race
Driver for HireYou earned your first sponsorship bonus
RoadtripperYou completed all 3 Road Trips
Hit the Road JackYou completed the Amateur Road Trip
The Train's in VainYou beat the train in a Horizon Showcase Event
Welcome to MontellinoYou made it to Montellino
Welcome to San GiovanniYou made it to San Giovanni
Welcome to CastellettoYou made it to Castelletto
Welcome to Saint MartinYou made it to Saint Martin
Welcome to SisteronYou made it to Sisteron
Welcome to Nice MassenaYou made it to Nice Massena
Horizon ChampionYou beat them all to become Horizon Champion
Horizon ApprenticeYou mastered your first Championship Event
Horizon JourneymanYou mastered all of the Events at 1 Destination
Horizon MasterYou mastered all of the Events at 3 Destinations
All Your Race Are Belong to UsYou mastered every Event at the Horizon Festival
Yellow WristbandYou earned the Yellow Wristband
Blue WristbandYou earned the Blue Wristband
Purple WristbandYou earned the Purple Wristband
Bronze WristbandYou earned the Bronze Wristband
Gold WristbandYou earned the Gold Wristband
That New Car SmellYou bought your first car
Car LoverYour garage contains 50 cars
Worthy of a SultanYour garage is worth over 20 million credits
SkilfulYou earned 10 Skill Points
The Chosen OneYou earned 109 Skill Points
Summer SaleYou smashed 25 Reward Boards
Smash HappyYou found and smashed every Reward Board
The Flashed and the Furious20 different Speed Cameras caught you doing over 100mph
Follow That CarYou collected 3 bounties
Throw Down the GauntletYou completed 10 Bucket List Stunts
Challenge AcceptedMission accomplished! You completed the Bucket List
Friends with BenefitsYou earned a total of 1,000,000 Cr from Rivals
Team MatesYou joined a Car Club
Human GPSYou drove down every road in the game
Storage HunterYou restored 5 Barn Finds
UserYou took part in 20 Multiplayer Events
AddictYou took part in 200 Multiplayer Events
On the Road AgainYou completed your first Online Road Trip Location
Well TravelledYou completed 25 Online Road Trip Locations
Yes We CanYou and your friends completed 25 Bucket List Stunts together
Fast and CleanNice driving. You earned the Clean Racer Skill 100 times
Freeroaming BuddiesYou joined an Online Freeroam with a friend
You Are Playground GamesYou completed 100 Playground Games
SelloutYou earned every Sponsorship Bonus on offer