Box art - Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition

Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition PC Cheats

General Tips

  • The timer and save limitations are gone in normal mode. If you want to face that challenge, choose Nightmare Mode when starting a new game.
  • Rescuing survivors is a great way to accumulate experience points.
  • Consider pursuing health upgrades first, as finding food can be difficult at times. Also, later levels allow for health regeneration.
  • Keep a couple of food items with you at all times, just in case.
  • Always try to make combo weapons. They're more powerful than regular weapons and also looks ridiculously awesome.
  • Flashing lights indicate a car that can be used.
  • Try to clear out as many safe zones as you can. While there, you can spawn combo weapons you've already crafted.



MegaMan X Awards

Megaman X Buster - Beat the game with S Rank/Ending in Nightmare Mode

Megaman X Costume - Beat the game with S Rank/Ending

Post-Game Rewards

You can unlock some special gear by satisfying the corresponding requirements, as indicated below.

  • Mega Man Costume - Beat the game
  • Mega Man Blaster - Beat the game on Nightmare Mode



PlannerCollect 5 blueprints.
JourneymanCollect 25 blueprints.
CollectorPick up 250 different weapons.
Fashion PlateCollect 100 different clothing items.
EngineerCollect 50 blueprints.
T.I.O.D. DiscipleCreate 50 combo weapons.
Local HeroSave 1 survivor.
Man of the PeopleSave 15 stranded survivors.
Help WantedAdd 5 survivors to the survivor bulletin board.
DrivenDrive 20 different vehicles.
SideswipedComplete 20 side missions.
Master BuilderCollect 100 blueprints.
Certified SurvivalistWin 25 Survival Training Bronze medals.
Zombie KillerKill 100 zombies.
Zombie SlayerKill 10,000 zombies.
Master of MassacreKill 53,597 zombies.
Zombie ButcherKill 1,000 zombies.
Morgue-ifiedComplete Chapter 2.
Happy CamperComplete Chapter 4.
WrathfulDefeat Zhi.
LustyDefeat Dylan.
GreedyDefeat Albert.
SlothfulDefeat Theodore.
PridefulDefeat Jherii.
GluttonousDefeat Darlene.
EnviousDefeat the envious survivor.
ApprenticeReach level 5.
ExpertReach level 25.
Maxed!Reach level 50.
SpecialistMax out a single attribute.
Be a Dick!Join a Co-op game.
Duct Tape MasterCreate every combo weapon.
CustomizerCreate 5 combo vehicles.
Master MechanicCreate every combo vehicle.
A Little AmbitionPurchase 1 Attribute.
Ladder ClimberPurchase 10 Attributes.
Left 100,004 DeadKill 100,004 zombies.
PrestigiousComplete 10 PP Trials.
Almost FamousComplete 25 PP Trials.
Prestige HoundComplete all PP Trials.
Genius of Zombie SlayingKill 72,000 zombies.
StarterComplete Chapter 0.
QuarantinedComplete Chapter 1.
Family ManComplete Chapter 3.
Day at the MuseumComplete Chapter 5.
The Doctor is OutComplete Chapter 6.
Them's the FactsComplete the Facts.
Complete the PackageComplete Overtime.
Gang BangerLead a full posse of 5 survivors.
Nightmare MasterComplete chapter 7 in Nightmare Mode.
Survival Training SilverWin 25 Survival Training Silver medals.
Survival Training MasterWin 25 Survival Training Gold medals.
Eyes in the SkyHack all ZDC Cameras
Counter TerroristInfect all Safe Zones
Live to Fight AgainRecover all Squad Members
Rest in PeaceCollect all Dog Tags
Covering the TracesCollect precious cargo
Cleaning HousePrep Base Camp for Bravo Team
Delivery ManCollect Charlie's supplies
Eagle Has LandedLocate the President
Duty or DeathComplete Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle
No Peeking!Destroy all ZDC Cameras
Burn Baby BurnBurn all Propaganda Posters
Guardian AngelRescue all Survivors
Med TechCollect all Medical Supplies
Talk It OutQuestion Winnie
Hall MonitorDefend the school
Well StockedCollect special supplies for the Safe Zone
ShakedownInterrogate Spec Ops
Angel Gets Her WingsComplete Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel
Stick It to the ManDestroy all Emergency Phones
The Finer ThingsCollect all bottles of Special Reserve Whiskey
Add to the CollectionCollect all Custom Motorcycles for Torque
Fly the CoopEscape Los Perdidos Police Department
Throwing Down the GauntletSurvive Spider's trial
Builder's ApprenticeHelp Torque build a special bike
Hunter and the HuntedDefeat all the Captains
Hawg HeavenObtain Torque's surprise
Fit to LeadComplete Dead Rising 3: Chaos Rising
Bag of ChipsCollect all ZDC Chips
Bootleg OperatorCollect all Bootleg Zombrex
Sworn to ProtectRescue all Survivors
Ashes to AshesBurn all Biohazards
Out With the BadDefeat all Bikers
Hacking the HackerFind Nelson
SourcedDiscover source of military signal
Kane's Last WordsCollect the evidence
Agent of JusticeComplete Dead Rising 3: The Last Agent