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Risk of Rain 2 | TC-280 Prototype Location

Risk of Rain 2 has a few different support machines that can be recruited to help fight enemies. Gunner drones and turrets appear commonly, but there are also rare drones that you can only find on certain stages. The TC-280 Prototype is one of the rarest drones in Risk of Rain 2, and if you’re trying to find one, we know where to start looking.

Where to find TC-280 Prototype in Risk of Rain 2

Where to find TC-280 Prototype in Risk of Rain 2

The TC-280 Prototype is most frequently found in Rallypoint Delta, though it does make rare appearances in other stages. Its specific location is determined randomly, but it won’t be hard to find. Just look for the huge drone with two circular engines.

The common drones in Risk of Rain 2 are small, usually smaller than your character. The TC-280 is not. It’s easily four times the size of most characters, particularly due to its large wingspan. As such, it’s really easy to spot sticking out of the snow.

This is a heavy-duty battle drone, utilizing both missiles and a machine gun. It’s a fair bit more powerful than the Gunner drone, but it has way more health: 900 base HP compared to 150. Of course, these stats also mean the Prototype commands a much higher purchase price than other drones.

You may not spot a TC-280 Prototype the first time you reach Rallypoint Delta. It tends to appear more commonly after your first or second loop. However, it’s not a great buy in later loops, as it’s not powerful enough to make up for its high price tag.

There is one reason you may be looking for one of these drones: Finding, repairing, and recruiting a TC-280 Prototype with the new character Captain will unlock the Beacon: Hacking skill. Remember, this challenge only unlocks if you’re playing as the Captain.

If you’re trying to find a TC-280 Prototype in Risk of Rain 2, look in Rallypoint Delta. One should appear on the snow-covered stage after your first or second loop. Just be prepared to spend some money, as these drones don’t come cheap.