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Risk of Rain 2 Mithrix | How to beat final boss

Risk of Rain 2 update 1.0 finally gave the game a proper ending. As part of the deal, players also now get to face off with the new final boss. His name is Mithrix, King of Nothing, and he’s not going out without a fight. This is a tough battle, so if you want to know how to beat Mithrix, we’ve got some tips for you.

Risk of Rain 2 | How to beat Mithrix, King of Nothing

Risk of Rain 2 - How to beat Mithrix King of Nothing

You’d expect the final boss of Risk of Rain 2 to be challenging, and Mithrix does not disappoint. He’s fast, he’s agile, and he can kill weaker characters in just one or two hits. The best way to beat him is to bring items that buff damage, increase speed, and apply status effects.

The battle with the King of Nothing encompasses four separate rounds. During the first round, he’ll simply attack you with his hammer. Most of the time he’ll rush at you and swing in a downward ark, so move to the side. Occasionally, he’ll disappear from view before crash landing in the center of the arena. This causes a shockwave to spread centrifugally, so be ready to jump.

Once you’ve dealt enough damage, Mithrix will disappear. The second round sees you fighting a series of ever-increasing Lunar Chimera. Hopefully you got some practice earlier in the level. Take them out steadily, and eventually Mithrix will reappear.

Risk of Rain 2 - How to beat Mithrix Lunar Chimera

In the third round, you’ll have to fight both Mithrix and the Lunar Chimera. This is where the fight is most challenging, as Mithrix will move faster, and you’ll be taking fire from all sides. Plus, Mithrix will use a new attack that sends damaging vertical waves across the arena. While the attack is charging, anticipate which way the waves will spin, then sidestep accordingly. Keep whittling away at Mithrix, engaging the Chimera only when necessary.

When Mithrix’s health bar is depleted, the final round will begin. Mithrix will be hurt, and in a desperate attempt to win the fight, he’ll take all of your items. Don’t panic: Just keep attacking. As you damage Mithrix more, your items will be returned to you in groups. So long as you can survive for around ten seconds, you should get enough of your items back to deal a killing blow.

Once the fight is over, a timer will appear on screen. You have only a few minutes to run back to the drop ship at the beginning of the stage. Assuming you make it back in time, the game will end, and you’ll be treated to the best ending in Risk of Rain 2.

Which Items You Need to Beat Mithrix

Risk of Rain 2 - Which items you need to beat Mithrix

The two biggest advantages Mithrix has are speed and health. As such, you want to bring items that both slow him down and deal high damage. Here’s a look at the best items you can use to beat him.

57 Leaf Clover

The 57 Leaf Clover is the ideal item for any build that focuses on effects that aren’t guaranteed to hit. It won’t replace the items featured below, but it will give you a better chance to apply their on-hit effects.

Runald’s Band

Runald’s Band has an 8% chance to deal 250% damage (+125$ per stack) and slow an enemy by 80%. It also has a nice synergy with Kjaro’s Band, as mentioned below.

Kjaro’s Band

Kjaro’s Band won’t slow the final boss down, but it deals a lot of damage: 500% + 250% per stack. It also also procs any time Runald’s Band does, which allows you to catch slowed enemies in the path of the runic tornado. These two bands together make for one of the best offenses against Mithrix.


Just a couple of Chronobaubles should be enough to keep the King of Nothing slowed down for the entire fight. Grab one or two when you can.

Armor-Piercing Rounds

While these are usually unimportant outside of clearing teleporter events, Armor-Piercing Rounds make a huge difference when fighting the game’s final boss. We’d recommend picking up two or three.

Tri-Tip Dagger

Risk of Rain 2 update version 1.0 changed how the bleeding effect stacks. The Tri-Tip Daggers are now much more effective in dealing damage over time, especially when coupled with the 57 Leaf Clover.

You shouldn’t have too much trouble beating Mithrix after you learn his patterns. Your overall build will depend on which Survivor you choose, but you’ll still want to bring items with slowing effects and high damage output.