Is there a Battletoads 2020 Nintendo Switch release date?

Is there a Battletoads 2020 Nintendo Switch release date? The classic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) brawler is finally set to make a comeback, but will it do so on the latest Nintendo console? Keep scrolling to learn if there’s a Battletoads Nintendo Switch version in development.

Is Battletoads 2020 coming to Nintendo Switch?

Battletoads 2020 Nintendo Switch release date

Unfortunately, the new Battletoads isn’t scheduled to release for Nintendo Switch. There’s no Battletoads 2020 Switch release date to look forward to as a result.

Although that isn’t the news you wanted to read, it arguably doesn’t get much better from here. Battletoads (2020) is published by Xbox Game Studios and original developer Rare — now a first-party Microsoft studio — consulted on the development of this console exclusive reboot. Taking these factors into account, it seems unlikely that Battletoads would release for the competing Nintendo Switch console.

It’s not an impossibility, however, as there is precedent for this happening. Several games that fall under the Xbox Game Studios umbrella have already made their way to the Switch; a few even include integrated Xbox Live and Xbox Achievement support. Minecraft Dungeons is the most recent example, while Minecraft paved the way.

Is there a Battletoads 2020 Nintendo Switch release date?

  • There are currently no plans to release the new Battletoads on Nintendo Switch.
  • The reboot is being published by Xbox Game Studios.
  • Microsoft might not want to release a console exclusive on a competing platform.
  • That said, the Xbox manufacturer has done so before.

Ultimately, we’ll just have to wait and see if a Battletoads Nintendo Switch port ever materializes. As we’ve illustrated here it isn’t outside the realm of possibility, though we wouldn’t advise getting your hopes up too much.

The wait has already been a long one, with the first Battletoads reboot tease coming way back in early 2015. It’s also been over a year since the initial gameplay reveal!