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How to switch weapons in Mortal Shell

Learning how to switch weapons in Mortal Shell is invaluable since it can be the difference between life and death. But you can’t hold two weapons at the same. There’s surely a way to do it though. So how do you change weapons in Mortal Shell?

How to switch weapons in Mortal Shell

How to switch weapons in Mortal Shell

First, you’ll need to know where the weapons are. Thankfully, there’s a pattern. The weapons are all in boss fights that are at the beginning of each new area. By each Sester lies a book, like in the above picture. Interact with it and you’ll be transferred to a boss fight against a person with the weapon in question. Beat them and the weapon is yours.

Once you beat them, you’ll get the weapon. You can then switch weapons between your current and new weapon at the statue in that the red arrow is pointing at in the above picture.

How to switch weapons in Mortal Shell

But that’s rather limited and not the only way to switch weapons. You can also switch weapons at Fallgrim Tower, which is where the Old Prisoner is (the chained up beast you feed the glands to). Look just outside of his room and you’ll see the above picture. If you don’t have those weapons, they’ll give you visions on generally where you can go to get them. But if you do, you can swap them out right then and there.

The final way to switch weapons in Mortal Shell is the easiest once you find the proper item. There are four items you can use infinitely that instantly summon the desired weapon: Tattered Vestment, Disciple’s Rag, Martyr’s Shawl, and Sester’s Binding. Except the Tattered Vestament, all of these items are lie in chests that are just outside of the other areas. So the plan is that you go into the other areas, beat the boss, go back to Fallgrim, and open the first chest you see when you get back to Fallgrim since you have the Gland key.

The Tattered Vestament is right by the Old Prisoner on the ground right by the weapon storage area in the above picture. It lets you summon the Hallowed Sword.

The Disciple’s Rag is in the grassy Fallgrim area in a chest you can only open if you have a Gland on you, which you get from beating a boss. Once you beat the boss, you’ll have to descend a bunch of stairs once you get back to the Fallgrim area. The chest is right at the bottom. It lets you summon the Smoldering Mace.

The Martyr’s Shawl is also in a chest you can only open with a Gland and it is also right outside of the Crypt of Martyrs area. Right when you exit that area, you’ll be back in Fallgrim. That chest is right in that chasm area before you head back up. It lets you summon the Martyr’s Blade.

The Sester’s Binding is also in a chest you can only open when you have a Gland on you. Once you get out of the Seat of Infinity area after killing the two-headed boss, you’ll descend the stairs. Once you get to the other set of stairs to get back to the Old Prisoner, you’ll see a chest at the base of those stairs. This item lets you summon the Hammer and Chisel.