The Banner Saga PC Cheats

General Tips

  • Target armor first. You won't do much damage if the enemy unit still has a lot of protection, though there are exceptions.
  • If you rest for a turn, you regain willpower (used for skills). Consider doing this, as the effective use of skills can often be the deciding factor in a battle.
  • The Break stat allows players to easily break armor, so put points into that if you plan on targeting armor more often.
  • Killing opponents helps the rest of the enemy units, so consider "maiming" them instead.
  • When you set up your team before battles, remember that left to right is the order in which your heroes will take action.
  • This one sounds obvious, but keep ranged units away from the action. Their specialty is picking off enemies from a distance, so use that to your advantage.
  • Sometimes there will be a lot of enemies on the screen, so take out the weaker ones first to make things more manageable.




WarhawkDefeat an enemy with a Warhawk.
RaidmasterDefeat an enemy with a Raidmaster.
WardenDefeat an enemy with a Warden.
WarmasterDefeat an enemy with a Warmaster.
ShieldmasterDefeat an enemy with a Shieldmaster.
HunterDefeat an enemy with a Hunter.
StrongarmDefeat an enemy with a Strongarm.
Eagle EyeDefeat an enemy with an Eagle Eye.
Godstone HridvaldyrVisit the godstone Hridvaldyr.
SkystrikerDefeat an enemy with a Skystriker.
SpearmasterDefeat an enemy with a Spearmaster.
Godstone DenglrVisit the godstone Denglr.
ThrasherDefeat an enemy with a Thrasher.
Siege ArcherDefeat an enemy with a Siege Archer.
ProvokerDefeat an enemy with a Provoker.
Godstone RadormyrVisit the godstone Radormyr.
Godstone MarekVisit the godstone Marek.
Godstone HadrborgVisit the godstone Hadrborg.
Godstone DundrVisit the godstone Dundr.
MenderDefeat an enemy with a Mender.
WarleaderDefeat an enemy with a Warleader.
Godstone IngridVisit the godstone Ingrid.
Godstone BjorulfVisit the godstone Bjorulf.
Godstone StravhsVisit the godstone Stravhs.
BowmasterDefeat an enemy with a Bowmaster.
BackbiterDefeat an enemy with a Backbiter.
GrudgewielderDefeat an enemy with a Grudgewielder.
Normal DifficultyComplete the game on Normal difficulty.
DiplomatGet permission to destroy a varl landmark.
Treasure HunterAcquire 5 rank 5 items.
WarmongerFight 40 battles in a single playthrough.
Beat the OddsWhew...Egil made it the whole way!
QuartermasterComplete the game without letting anyone in your caravan die to hunger.
Forced MarchReach Boersgard in 120 days.
InnocentAlette doesn't want to harm humans or varl...don't make her.
Hard DifficultyComplete the game on Hard difficulty.
High SpiritsComplete the game without ever getting low morale.
Master TacticianWin a battle on Hard difficulty in the camp Training Tent using 6 rank 5 units.
ChallengeComplete the game on Hard difficulty level without losing a single battle.