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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Photo Mode | How to take photos with free cam

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 photo mode allows you to take photos of your planes while they are flying, pausing the action mid-flight so that you can zoom in and out of your surroundings in free cam and take snapshots. So if you want to know how to take photos in Flight Simulator 2020, you can find out below:

Is there a Flight Simulator 2020 photo mode?

Flight Simulator 2020 does not have a traditional photo mode, though there is a simple solution that will allow you to take photos in-game.

While this solution does require more inputs, you will still have control over your camera while being able to stop your plane mid-flight to easily take photos of your surroundings.

How to enter Flight Simulator 2020 photo mode

flight simulator 2020 how to take photos

Flight Simulator 2020 photo mode can be entered by way of pausing your plane in mid-air and taking photos using its drone.

To enter photo mode, you must first pause the action by pressing the Pause key on your keyboard. This will stop your plane mid-flight, though still give you control over the camera.

You must then use your drone camera in order to take a decent snapshot. You can access the drone camera and enter free cam by pressing Insert.

After doing so, you will then have full control over your camera and be able to zoom in and out on your plane and its surroundings. You can change the weather effects via the dropdown menu at the top of the screen, along with change the time of day to get the shot you want.

How to take photos in Flight Simulator 2020

After pausing the game and accessing your drone camera, you can then take photos in Flight Simulator 2020 by using an Xbox Game Bar command.

Input the following in order to take photos:

  • Alt + Windows key + Print screen

How to find Flight Simulator 2020 screenshots

To find your screenshots in Flight Simulator 2020 you can then access the Xbox Game Bar by clicking Alt + Windows key + G (or pressing the middle button on your Xbox controller) and clicking on ‘Show all captures’ in the ‘Captures’ menu. You can access all video and photos you have taken from here.