Box art - inFamous: Second Son

inFamous: Second Son Side Missions

Side Missions

Side missions in inFAMOUS: Second Son are simple tasks such as locating security cameras or disrupting activist rallies. There aren't many in the game, but all can be found below. Many of them reward players with trophies.


Disrupt 10 activist rallies.

Akuran Gang Members

Kill 10 Akuran gang members.

Angry Mobs

Rescue 10 escaped conduits from angry mobs.

District Showdowns

Complete all district showdowns (complete other side activities/missions to unlock district showdowns)

Drug Dealers

Take out drug dealers; bust 10 for the "Just Say No" trophy.

DUP Security Cameras

Destroy all DUP security cameras.

Hidden Cameras

Find the 15 hidden cameras (found in separate missions) and shoot them. You have to use your phone to locate the hidden cameras.

Secret Agents

Find the Secret Agent in each area of Seattle. Chase them down quickly or else you'll have to restart the mission. Careful if you shoot them from far away - missing means they might get away.

Sign Twirlers

Shoot 10 sign twirlers.

Stencil Art

Find the 29 stencil art locations and get to painting. Players have the choice of good or bad karma creations.

Street Musicians

Attack 10 street musicians.

Suspicion Pens

Rescue 10 suspects from suspicion pens.

Wounded Civilians

Heal 10 wounded civilians.