Box art - Epic Island

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Tips and Tricks

If you get stuck in some dungeon you always have the option to go back to already completed dungeons to obtain experience points and loot.

The loot you will gather won’t be as it was the first time you've done it but you can find it's uses in customize your weapons with some special effects.

Looking at the map keep an eye on boxes as they may include a variety of treasure, including coins and gems.

Gems are the premium currency of Epic Island and, as in most games, save them and use them only when absolutely necessary.

When you gain a level you can increase either your attack, defense, or magic power.

Make sure to enter the arena with really strong equipment if you want to emerge victorious. Creating weapons with special properties is one of the more engaging features of the game and competing in the arena is a good incentive for creating special equipment pieces.

If you are just begining leave the titans unless you plan to fully dedicate your gaming experience to battling them. You’ll get a big prize if you are one of their top attackers.