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Is there Wasteland 3 co-op?

Is there Wasteland 3 co-op support? InXile Entertainment‘s RPG sequel is pretty great, but is there a Wasteland 3 cooperative multiplayer mode to sweeten the deal? Here’s everything you need to know about Wasteland 3 co-op multiplayer.

Wasteland 3 Co-Op | Is there cooperative multiplayer?

Wasteland 3 co-op

Wasteland 3 features full campaign co-op support. For the first time in the series’ history, players can cooperate with an online friend throughout the entire game.

There are a couple of caveats that come with the good news, however. There’s no local multiplayer in Wasteland 3, so you’ll need to invite an online friend to play over the internet. Additionally, a maximum of just two players can enter a co-op session. It’s a relatively basic integration, but playing cooperatively does open up some interesting opportunities.

A recent Xbox Wire article on Wasteland 3‘s co-op features confirmed that there are “unique moments in the game that can only be pulled off in co-op.” One of these scenarios sounds particularly lucrative, as both players will be able to simultaneously turn the same quest into rival NPCs and receive the quest reward twice over. Very cheeky!

Is there Wasteland 3 local co-op?

  • No, Wasteland 3 does not feature local couch co-op.

Is there Wasteland 3 online co-op?

  • Yes, Wasteland 3 features an online co-op mode.
  • A maximum of two players is supported.

If you have a co-op partner from the very beginning, they’ll be able to create their own character. If not, don’t worry, as co-op partners will still be able to drop in and out by taking control of your existing party members. Either way, both the session host and client will retain progress made.

After Wasteland 3 suffered an unfortunate delay earlier this year, the wait to play is finally almost over! If you’re looking to pick the game up, arguably the best way is via Xbox Game Pass for either PC or Xbox One.