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Watch Dogs Digital Trip Guide

Digital Trip Guide

Digital Trips in Watch Dogs do more than just transport players to crazy virtual worlds. They also allow players to unlock unique upgrades along the way in order to complete those worlds. Listed below are the upgrades for all the Digital Trips (with the exception of Psychedelic, as it offers no upgrades).



SoulsDemonic PowerSoul power gauge increases by 25%1
SoulsSoul DevourerEach souls absorbed gives 50% more Soul power1
SoulsHarvesterSoul power gauge increases by 50% (requires Demonic Power)1
SoulsArmored CarSoul loss decreased by 50% when hit (requires Soul Devourer)1
PowersImproved EruptionNo soul power needed for Eruption power1
PowersSoul BlastUnlocks Soul Blast attack1
PowersSoul ShearsDeploy blades on the side of the car1
PowersEruption MasteryEruption's size and power doubled (requires Improved Eruption)1
PowersImproved Soul BlastDecreases Soul Blast cost by 50% (requires Soul Blast)1
PowersSoul Shears MasteryDecreases Soul Shears cost by 50% (requires Soul Shears)1
PowersSoul Blast MasterySoul Blast size doubled (requires Improved Soul Blast)1
MasteryExpert DriverIncrease in vehicle grip and acceleration1
MasteryCombo ExpertContinue a combo with more time in between kills1
MasteryMaster DriverIncrease in vehicle max speed (requires Expert Driver)1
MasteryCombo MasterCombo scores doubled (requires Combo Expert)1
MasteryMadness MasteryIncreases objective time requirements (requires Combo Master)1



HacksQuick ComputingIncrease generator hacking speed1
HacksBeta SignalHack generators from further distances1
HacksSecurity ExploitsHacking speed increased (requires Quick Computing)1
HacksOmega SignalHack generators from even further distances (requires Beta Signal)1
EMPEMP GunUnlocks the EMP Gun1
EMPEMP BeltAn explosive wave that disables nearby robots1
EMPEMP GrenadeAn explosive wave that shuts down robots1
EMPMedium Wave EmitterExplosive electric waves reach further (requires EMP Belt)1
EMPAlpha Wave EmitterDisable robots for longer periods of time (requires EMP Grenade)1
EMPLong Wave EmitterExplosive waves travel further (Requires Medium Wave Emitter)1
EMPBeta Wave EmitterDisable/scramble robots for even longer periods of time (requires Alpha Wave Emitter)1
EquipmentBackpackCarry more items1
EquipmentAnti-Radiation VestProvides protection from robots (requires Backpack)1
EquipmentRadiation ShieldProvides better radiation protection (requires Anti-radiation Vest)1
EquipmentScavengerLoot quantity doubles (requires Anti-radiation Vest)1
WarfareWeapon MasteryLethal weapon damage increases by 50%1
WarfareRobot SlayerLethal weapon damage increases by 100% (requires Weapon Mastery)1



CounterBomb TimerAllows more time to defeat Cyborgs1
CounterBomb DisrupterExplosions delayed after Cyborgs trigger them (requires Bomb Timer)1
DetectionUpgraded BatteryFaster recharge on scanner1
DetectionScanner BatteryDetection glasses can be used more often (requires Upgraded Battery)1
EliminationConcussive ShotUnlocks concussive bullets, which slow down Cyborgs1
EliminationSniper RifleUnlocks the sniper rifle1
EliminationFocusUnlocks Focus1
EliminationAnti-cybernetic BulletsStop Cyborgs for a short time with these bullets (requires Concussive Shot)1
EliminationShotgunUnlocks the shotgun (requires Sniper Rifle)1
EliminationHormonal BoostRegenerates Focus faster (requires Focus)1



BasicsReinforced PlatingIncreases armor1
BasicsExtra ReactorMax energy pool increased1
BasicsEnergy RecyclingWhen energy is low, it changes functions to conserve energy1
BasicsTitanium PlatingIncreases armor and makes the tank bulletproof (requires Reinforced Plating)2
BasicsThermal Fusion ReactorMax energy capacity (requires Extra Reactor)2
BasicsEmergency ProtocolWhen the system is about to be destroyed, it changes functions to conserve energy (requires Energy Recycling)2
WeaponsOverloadedMore anti-tank rounds1
WeaponsUpgraded Chain GunLowers cost on chaingun firing1
WeaponsImproved Weapon EngineSwap weapons faster1
WeaponsProton ShellAnti-tank rounds cover more ground (requires Overloaded)2
WeaponsPiercing BulletsChaingun damage increased (requires Upgraded Chain Gun)2
AbilitiesHydraulic ClawUse the claw at a lower cost1
AbilitiesSpider CrushUnlocks Spider Crush1
AbilitiesSharpened ClawsSpider Claw does more damage (requires Hydraulic Claw)2