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Tell Me Why | What is the police archive door code?

The Tell Me Why archive door code is necessary if you want to access the police archive and learn more about Tyler and Alyson’s unsolved mystery. There is one clue given to you by Alyson which suggests that the door code might be — its keys play the jingle ‘Dum Da Di Do’ — but this doesn’t exactly solve the door code puzzle for you.

So how do you solve the archive door code puzzle in Tell Me Why? Let’s take a look at which numbers you need to press to access the archives.

What is the archive door code in the police station?

The archive door code will need to be entered after you find the information from Eddy’s office in the police station. The archives contain info on Mary-Ann and the fallout from the incident which led to Tyler and Alyson being separated.

The door code cannot be found in any files, with you instead reliant on Alyson recounting the sound the door made when she heard it as a child.

The archive door code in Tell Me Why is as follows:

  • 6041

After inputting the door code, you’ll be able to access the police archives and continue uncovering the mystery of Mary-Ann’s death.