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Is there a Wasteland 3 ‘A Very Hostile Takeover’ quest glitch fix?

Is there a Wasteland 3 A Very Hostile Takeover quest glitch fix? The A Very Hostile Takeover Wasteland 3 secondary mission can go wrong in at least a couple of ways, which has players scrambling for a solution. Here’s the latest information on this glitched Wasteland 3 side quest.

Is there a Wasteland 3 A Very Hostile Takeover quest glitch fix?

Wasteland 3 A Very Hostile Takeover quest glitch

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there’s no known fix for the Wasteland 3 A Very Hostile Takeover quest glitch. While players have reported at least two different ways that the secondary mission can go wrong, there are no known solutions.

A comment on the A Very Hostile Takeover side mission entry of the Wasteland 3 wiki documents the first possible glitch. The commenter notes that the quest “seems to be bugged” before detailing the issue further. After entering the objective location, their quest immediately “went to the completed section” despite not having satisfied the mission criteria. Three upvotes seem to indicate that they aren’t alone.

The quest rewards presumably can’t be claimed in this situation, but at least an uncompleted secondary mission isn’t stuck in the quest journal. Those that fall victim to the second A Very Hostile Takeover quest glitch aren’t so lucky, however.

A Reddit thread notes that, should you make a certain series of decisions, the quest may become stuck. After siding with The Bizzare, tipping off Flab, and killing Charley the quest log might refuse to update. One Redditor that was able to complete the quest successfully (having made different choices) assumes that killing quest giver Charley Knowes caused the bug.

If you haven’t played the A Very Hostile Takeover mission yet, we’d recommend keeping a backup save and not killing Charley Knowes.

Wasteland 3 A Very Hostile Takeover Quest Glitch | Is there a fix?

  • Currently, there’s no documented Wasteland 3 A Very Hostile Takeover quest glitch fix.
  • The quest may automatically complete when you enter The Bizarre.
  • You may bug the quest by killing quest giver Charley Knowes.

Hopefully, developer InXile Entertainment will release a Wasteland 3 update addressing the A Very Hostile Takeover secondary mission glitch.