Box art - Beach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy Racing iPhone Cheats

Tips and Tricks

As you race and collect golden coins through out the game you’ll be abel to upgrade your power up’s and/or unlock new buggies. Spend more time upgrading your cars than your power up’s it is better for the long haul.

Upgrade the most your overall Top Speed since maintain a constant speed during a race often proved to be crucial in the race.

You’ll collect even more extra coins with an upgraded Coin Bubble.

Upgraded Checkpoint will gift you more time on the race clock.

Focus on upgrading up to three unlocked vehicles at a time.

To enter a race you’ll have to give up one ticket for entry. Winning with three stars score will return it to you so you can use it again. Try and get the 1st spot on a race and beat that track’s best time to get closer to getting all those stars.

Avoid hitting crabs while driving on the beach

When you’re in the swamp use your brake occasionally to turn round corners perfectly.

Always keep your eyes open for stage shortcuts to finish ahead of everyone.

Playing the game on a daily basis will reward you with free spins on the spinning prize board.