Box art - Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen PC Cheats

General Tips
  • If you're unhappy with your starting class, don't fret. You'll find the equipment for all three classes in the first few hours with enough exploration, so feel free to change your approach without starting the game over.
  • Keep that shield up at all times. Enemies like to hide behind corners and catch you off guard, which can be deadly without proper protection.
  • If you're not wearing the heaviest armor in the game, get used to rolling. The shield works at times, but dodging an attack completely proves even more effective. This is especially true for many boss fights since a lot of them can just blow right through most shields with ease.
  • You can use a checkpoint and enemies won't spawn again... as long as you don't bank your experience points.
  • The more you kill enemies without banking your XP, the more total XP you receive thanks to a multiplier that shows on the bottom of the screen. If you die, that multiplier goes back down to zero.
  • When you die, you can go back to that spot and get your XP back, a la Souls games. There's a twist though – a percentage counts down, and if you don't reach the spot in time the XP disappears.
  • Explore the world thoroughly. Even in the first few hours there are a lot of areas to discover, which in turns results in more handy items and equipment. Just be careful though, as it's easy to get lost in Lords of the Fallen.
  • Unless you know you're going to be using magic a lot, spend most of your XP on attribute points. They will help more in the long run.
  • Always try to get behind enemies to backstab them. Backstabs often take out enemies in one or two hits.

Unlimited Attribute Points (Exploit)

First, find the Curse sword, which is located in the Citadel region (check in the Old Quarters). Now go to the Graveyard region and bury the sword in the Kyle Ember's grave. Defeat the ghost, then retrieve the sword and equip it. Your luck attribute should increase by five points. Save your progress at the nearest checkpoint and exit the game completely. Load it again and you should find your luck has increased by +5, doubled. You can repeat this process as often as you like, then use the Shard of Heroes and reassign your points in categories that suit you better.




By the BookFind 60 audio notes
My private stashGet 12 special weapons
Harkyn collectionCollected 20 armor sets
Way of the clericComplete the game as Cleric
Way of the rogueComplete the game as Rogue
Way of the warriorComplete the game as Warrior
Against all oddsDefeat any Boss without taking damage
Only after DisasterDefeat the Worshiper
Not a question of can or can'tDefeat the Annihilator
Hard shell, soft coreDefeat the Commander
Thousands of candlesDefeat the Guardian
So that's a Lord!Defeat First Warden
No time for losersDefeat the Champion
Seal the gateDefeat the Infiltrator
Anger is a giftDefeat the Beast
Two against oneDefeat Lost Brothers
He speaks in riddlesMeet the Blacksmith
Treasure left aloneLoot all Treasure Chambers
Are you not entertained?Complete all Proving Grounds
No one can hear you screamComplete all Infinite Voids
Strong with this oneUnlock all spells for one class
Give him powerBuy your first Attribute or Spell Point
It's bound to take your lifeDie for the first time
Myself againRetrieve lost experience by collecting your ghost
BookwormFind a note that someone left behind
Extra strongUpgrade the Health Potions
All inDefeat a boss with at least 20000 unspent experience
Couldn't have done it myselfLet a boss destroy the statue during fight
Good with weaponsCollect all weapon types
Killing monstersKill all types of enemies at least once
This! Is! Keystone!Kick an enemy into his death
Go breaking my heartCollected 9 Tyrant Hearts
Human skullCollected 25 Human Skulls
He who protect usMet Antanas
The real Lords starts hereEntered the Rhogar realm
Shout at the godsMet Adyr
Now we're talkingFound the Gauntlet
I feel luckyPurified the sword of the unlucky grave robber
Fool of a TuckThrow a corpse down the bottomless pit in Catacombs
Take my handCut off Monk's arm
I saw everythingEntered 15 secret rooms
Do unto others...Killed the First Warden with the Warden Greatsword
She was the last woman hereShowed mercy to an imprisoned monster
God is deadLed humans to victory
Faith is weaknessLed Rhogar to victory
Whole world in his handsBring balance to both realms