What is the Sword Art Online Unital Ring Release Date? | Season 4

When is the Sword Art Online Unital Ring release date? Following the dramatic ending of Alicization War of Underworld Part 2 (the ending of Season 3), it’s understandable that you’ll want to head right on into SAO Season 4. Read on to find out when we think the Sword Art Online Season 4 premiere date should be.

Discover below when we could be watching Season 4 of Sword Art Online (Unital Ring). Unfortunately, it looks like it’s going to be quite the wait.

When is the Sword Art Online Unital Ring Release Date?

Sword Art Online Unital Ring release date

It’s looking that the Sword Art Online Unital Ring release date will be 2023/2024, unfortunately. There are a couple of reasons for this, before you write to your local politician to complain. First and foremost, the light novel series of Unital Ring is yet to complete. Based on where we’re at with the light novel series, we can imagine it will take another couple of years before the latest arc is finished in its book form.

Without an official word on how long the Unital Ring light novel arc will last, however, it’s difficult to say for sure when we’ll see a premiere date for the anime adaptation. If all goes as quickly as it can, with a ten-book Unital Ring arc (two books a year), we’re looking at the novels coming to an end in 2023. Unfortunately, this means that the anime adaptation, which will surely be made given the series’ popularity, might take another year after the final light novel is released. 2024, sadly, is a realistic release date for the Unital Ring anime.

With a split-cour anime schedule, however, this release could be pushed forwards. If Unital Ring is released in parts, it could start before that tentative 2024 date above. It’ll just be a long wait for it to finish all-together, with a little more filler than otherwise needed.

Thankfully, an anime adaptation of Sword Art Online Progressive has been confirmed to be in the works. SAO Progressive is a retelling of the Aincard arc. Progressive will likely release in 2022, perhaps end of 2021 if we’re lucky. At least you’ll have something new to watch while you wait for Season 4.