Snapchat iOS Update | UI and Conversation Changes

Another update to Snapchat has been released to iOS, and Apple users are not happy about it. The new Snapchat update unifies the app’s look across both iOS and Android, introducing several new changes along the way. Most of these are small, but the updated conversation settings and new UI are simply rubbing people the wrong way. Here’s a look at what’s changed in the latest Snapchat iOS update.

Snapchat | iOS Update UI Changes and More

Snapchat iOS Update UI changes and more

The new Snapchat iOS update brings the app in line with all platforms. The biggest change comes to the UI, where each section of the app is laid out with icons on the new Action Bar. These include options for Snap Map, Chat, Camera, Stories, and Discover.

Of course, many of the newest changes aren’t just surface level. Snapchat has been working hard to implement new content in the Discover section, and there are new contextual menus available within Snap Map. Of course, the Bitmoji crew is still adding new outfits and other customization options on a regular basis.

However, the most noteworthy change is how people enter the chat view. Loads of Snapchat users had become accustomed to swiping to enter a conversation. With the new update, swiping right from chat enters Snap Map. The new method to open a conversation is to simply tap on it. Fortunately, there’s still a trick you can use to half swipe into a chat.

People hate the changes. Say what you will about how the updated UI looks, but Snapchat is getting roasted over on Twitter with #SnapchatUpdate. Most people are calling out the iOS version for looking like its Android counterpart, which is apparently an insult to Apple users. Others are questioning whether or not the camera quality has been reduced, though that part is still unclear..

Needless to say, one of the biggest trends resulting from the latest Snapchat iOS update is how to revert to the old version. Simply put, it’s more trouble than it’s worth. It’s best to get used to the changes now, because this is how the app will work moving forward.