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Phasmophobia | How to take photo of dirty water in sink

The Phasmophobia dirty water in sink objective will task you with taking a photo of the supernatural event. This optional objective will instruct you to ‘capture a photo of Dirty Water in a sink,’ with this then awarding you with extra cash after you do so. However, it can be difficult to figure out how to take a photo of dirty water in a sink in Phasmophobia. Here’s how to do it.

How to capture a photo of dirty water in a sink in Phasmophobia

phasmophobia dirty water in sink

To take a photo of dirty water in a sink, you will need to pick up the camera in the starting van. After doing so, enter the location of the haunting and take note of where the sinks are located.

Dirty water will only appear in the sinks after the haunting has begun. This means you will either need to wait or provoke the ghost by asking it questions or saying its name.

You do not need to turn the taps on the sinks in order to get the dirty water to appear. Once the ghost has appeared, they can do this by themselves. Any taps that the ghost turns on will produce dirty water, so listen out for running water in any of the locations in which a sink is located.

After you hear a tap running, go to the room in which it is running and take the photo. Be aware that as the ghost has visited this room, by entering it you are more likely to have an encounter with it. Ensure your sanity levels are high enough to withstand a possible encounter.

After taking the photo of the dirty water in the sink in Phasmophobia, the objective will mark as completed on the board in the van. When you complete the mission, you will be awarded the extra cash for completing it.