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Genshin Impact Luhua Landscape | Vermeer’s Paintbrush locations

There’s a lot to discover in the world of Genshin Impact, including both items and quests. Oftentimes the two will intertwine, which is the case with the Luhua Landscape quest. This requires you to speak with an artist who has lost his painting supplies, leading you on the search to locate Vermeer’s Paintbrushes. Luckily for you, we know exactly where they’re located. Here’s where to find Vermeer’s Paintbrushes and complete the Luhua Landscape quest.

Genshin Impact | How to complete Luhua Landscape quest

Genshin Impact Luhua Landscape quest guide

The Luhua Landscape quest begins outside of Luhua’s Pool in the area known as Liyue. The quest giver named Vermeer is trying to paint a picture of the lake, but he’s somehow lost his brush and paints. It’s up to you to use his sketches to find Vermeer’s Paintbrushes and return them so his masterpiece can be completed.

Where to find Vermeer’s Paintbrushes

The first order of business involves finding the missing brushes. One of Vermeer’s Paintbrushes is located on the western side of Luhua Pool, on cliff not too far away from the warp stone. You can walk there if you like, but it’s much quicker to use fast travel. Once you’ve arrived, look for the glowing yellow item on the ground next to the tree trunk.

Genshin Impact Vermeer's Paintbrushes locations map

The second of Vermeer’s Paintbrushes can be found on the exact opposite side of the lake. It’s located on the eastern shore adjacent to the nearby ruins. Walk away from the ruins and turn westward to spot the brush glowing on the ground near the broken bridge.

With both of the paintbrushes in your inventory, head back to Vermeer and speak with him to begin the second part of the quest.

Find the Strange Rock

Once you return the paintbrushes to Vermeer, he’ll hand over a Strange Rock. In order to complete the next part of the quest, you’ll need to track down one more of these unusual stones.

Genshin Impact Strange Rock location map

Fortunately, this won’t take much effort. The other Strange Rock can be found around the south side of Luhua Pool, specifically near the rocky outcroppings. Check the map above to discover its specific location.

Restore the Mysterious Statues

After you’ve collected the extra Strange Rock, return once more to Vermeer. Once he’s said his piece, have a look at the two warrior statues nearby to spot the empty holes in the statues’ helmets. You need to climb up the statues and insert the rocks in order to dispel the seal on the nearby elemental switch.

At this point you’ll need to activate the switch, which requires Geo-based skills. If your character doesn’t have any Geo affinities, you’ll need to switch to one that does. Noelle is a good choice if you have her. Alternatively, you can head to the Statue of the Seven in Liyue to swap the Traveler’s abilities.

When you flip the switch, a timed battle will begin. These foes shouldn’t give you too much trouble, but you only have 90 seconds to dispatch them. Work quickly. After they’ve been defeated, the door to the temple will open.

Head inside the temple to claim your quest rewards, making sure to be on the lookout for nearby spiders. You should find three different chests within, offering the likes of artifacts and Primogems, as well as chance of scoring items like a Hero’s Wit EXP material.

You’re almost done. Once you’ve looted the temple, head back to Vermeer near the Luhua Pool ruins. Speak to him one final time to unlock an achievement and earn five Primogems. You can use these for Wishes, or alternatively spend them to buy Fates. Congratulations, you are now finished with Genshin Impact‘s Luhua Landscape quest.