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Watch Dogs: Legion | How to get the Pig Mask

Masks are a big part of the Watch Dogs: Legion experience. After all, what better way is there to avoid accountability than to conceal your true identity? Among the game’s many facial coverings is the pig mask, which is both hilarious and unsettling. Here’s how to get the pig mask in Watch Dogs: Legion as well as specific information on where to find it.

How to get the Pig Mask in Watch Dogs: Legion

How to get the Pig Mask in Watch Dogs: Legion

To get the pig mask in in Watch Dogs: Legion, head to the Earl’s Fortune safehouse in the City of Westminster. You’ll come to this location as part of the Restart DedSec quest. Climb the stairs up to the AI server array to spot a box sitting on the floor. Open it to find the pig mask inside.

That’s really all there is to it. Nice to have an easy goal for once, right?

The pig mask is among the game’s most popular disguises, and for good reason. Sporting a classy monocle, ear tag, and drooping eyes, the pig mask nails the game’s anti-establishment vibe. That’s probably why it’s featured on the cover of the game itself.

Of course, that’s not to say that it doesn’t serve a specific purpose. Beyond giving your character a unique look, masks help protect your identity when you’re out causing chaos. Equipping a mask will keep you safe from all those corrupt government forces, particularly the ones trying to bring you to justice. Shame on them.

You can put on the pig mask by heading to your wardrobe, which can be done at any clothing store or DedSec safehouse. Select the mask option, then highlight the mask of your choice. You can’t manually equip it yourself, but your character will pull on a mask any time you draw your weapon or enter a restricted area. That way you’ll stay anonymous whenever you get into mayhem.