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Tips and Tricks

Put your main tank in front, with your wizards and archers in the back. Modify this as needed and you'll be good almost everywhere.

For the most part of the game all that you need to do is set the game to auto battle so fast forward the battle speed. This works for all but the toughest battles and boss battles.

Fill your party with rare Arcana, even if you end up with two tanks, or two wizards or two archers. Their base stats will be far higher than the common ones.

For fast level up go to the Enhance function and select one of your party members as your base cards. Then select the more common and expendable Arcana as your sacrifice. Your base card will become far more powerful than it was.

If you sacrifice arcana of the same type as your base arcana (E.G. archer, tank, etc) you'll get an EXP bonus.

Keep in mind that when you recruit new Arcana, you open up new quests.

Each class has their own strengths and weaknesses. Knights can effectively advance towards wizards and archers without taking too much damage, but they will fall under a close-quarters fight with Soldiers, who excel at melee attacks.

At the end of each battle you get one bonus for a speedy victory, one for keeping all of your units alive, and another for finishing the battle with a special ability. If you manage to hit all three bonuses, you get a 100% bonus to your gold reward.