Does the Xbox Series X and S download faster than Xbox One?

Best Answer: The Xbox Series X|S consoles download faster than the Xbox One, but a bug in the current firmware. can cause download speeds to plummet.

Dedicated gamers are already aware that the Xbox Series X and Series S offer way more power than past Microsoft consoles. Especially with consideration to the SSD, these consoles are significantly faster when it comes to everyday performance. But what about download speeds? Do the Xbox Series X and Series X download faster than the Xbox One?

Are Xbox Series X|S downloads faster than Xbox One?

Are Xbox Series X and S downloads faster than Xbox One?

Generally speaking, the Xbox Series X and Series S can potentially download games faster than the Xbox One. This largely comes down to higher-end components and a greater overall amount of power. Of course, true download speeds will be affected by your home network and the bandwidth offered by your internet service provider.

On the hardware front, the Xbox Series X supports 802.11ac dual band wireless connections as well as 802.3 10/100/1000 ethernet connections. These specs are largely the same as those on all Xbox One models. However, the Series X and S internals provide a higher overall communication bandwidth, theoretically decreasing the time it takes to download and install software.

The real hurdle when it comes to faster download speeds is your internet bandwidth and in-house network. When connected via ethernet, the Series X or S will be limited both by your internet package as well as the capabilities of your modem or router. The less bandwidth you have overall, the slower your downloads will be.

There is another fly in the ointment, though, and it involves an issue that results in drastically reduced download speeds. Like with the Xbox One, the Xbox Series X and S includes a feature that throttles downloads in order to leave open bandwidth for running multiplayer games. If you’re playing a game, background downloads will slow down considerably so that the active software can still function.

For some reason, this limitation often stays in place even after the running software has been closed. In these cases, the usual advice applies: Try restarting the console. If nothing else, you may consider power cycling your modem or router.

Still, the Xbox Series X and S have the potential to download games very quickly. This is especially true for players with high amounts of bandwidth. The difference when compared to an Xbox One may be negligible, but chances are good most players will experience faster download speeds with Microsoft’s latest generation of consoles.