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How to catch flying Bugsnax guide

Flying Bugsnax are some of the more difficult creatures to catch, with your early items ensuring that you aren’t well-equipped to deal with them. So how do you catch Bugsnax as they fly, and what are the easy ways to do so?

How to catch flying Bugsnax the easy way

how to catch flying bugsnax

These are the ways in which you can catch flying Bugsnax:

  • Snak Trap and Lunch Pad.
    • Combine both items to launch the Trap at flying Bugsnax.
  • Remove status effects.
    • Frosty and Spicy Bugsnax can have their effects removed by being drawn to each other.
  • Catch them while resting.
    • The Sweetiefly and its variants can be caught in a resting state.

To catch the majority of flying Bugsnax, you typically need to make use of two items — your Snak Trap and your Lunch Pad. The Snak Trap is the first item you unlock, while the Lunch Pad can be unlocked by completing Cromdo’s quests in Scorched Gorge.

After unlocking the Lunch Pad, you will be able to place your Snak Trap on top of it, aim it at a flying Bugsnak, and launch it. It can still be activated in the air, so when the Snak Trap reached the flying Bugsnak, be sure to close it once its outline glows blue in order to catch the creature.

Some of the flying creatures will have effects that will prevent them from being caught so easily. Certain creatures like the Chillynilly will have status effects such as ‘Frosty’ or ‘Spicy’ that will either freeze your Snak Trap or set it on fire, making it impossible to catch.

For these more unique Bugsnax, you will need to find a nearby Bugsnak that has an effect that will neutralize their ability. For instance, a Chillynilly in Frosted Peak can be lured to a nearby Stewdler by coating the latter in chocolate. Once the Frosty Chillynilly has connected with the Spicy Stewdler, both Bugsnax’s ice and fire abilities will be removed, allowing you to catch them.

Then there is the Sweetiefly and its variants, which periodically rest after flying for a short duration of time. You can learn how to catch them in our guide.