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Godfall Co-Op | Does it have multiplayer?

Godfall co-op lets up to four players take on Quests and search for loot together, with multiplayer options available in the new game from Counterplay Games and Gearbox Publishing. Here’s the lowdown on all of the Godfall multiplayer and co-op options, including online and local split-screen offline gameplay.

Is there co-op in Godfall?

Godfall co-op

Godfall can be played in multiplayer co-op with up to three players. Co-op is online-only and unlocked and available as soon as players play through the initial tutorial missions and reach the Sanctum for the first time. Godfall does not feature any kind of local split-screen offline multiplayer or co-op at launch, however.

There are no Godfall PvP modes, either. At launch, Godfall is either single-player or online co-op only. Players will need a PS Plus subscription to play online co-op on PS5. It’s unclear if the game will see a PvP mode added in the future. If the game grows popular, perhaps it’s something that will come as a post-launch update, similar to Ghost of Tsushima.

On the official Godfall FAQ page, Gearbox explains that the game “is not a live service game.” Future patches, though, will bring in “light content updates.” What these light content updates will contain, meanwhile, remains to be seen. Perhaps that means more multiplayer content.

This isn’t to say that more multiplayer modes won’t be added to the game in the future. But, for now, the only multiplayer in Godfall is online co-op with up to three players. If the game proves popular, who knows? It could potentially be updated with new multiplayer options some point further down the line.

Godfall co-op is an online-only experience, with up to three players. Co-op loot is instanced and shared among players. Enemies will be slightly more difficult in co-op, though, so be warned before heading online with friends.