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Best Demon’s Souls starting build for new players

Choosing which class and build to start with in Demon’s Souls is an essential part of the experience. Picking the wrong options can doom a player to utter woe as they’re trounced by the first enemy they meet. Once a player has some experience with the game, any build is viable. However, for those who just picked up a PS5 and have never played Demon’s Souls or a Soulslike before, there’s one choice that stands above the rest.

The best starting build in Demon’s Souls is a bit overpowered, especially early on. However, their high ranged damage output will allow players to ease into the game in a way other classes don’t.

What’s the best starting build in Demon’s Souls?

Demon's Souls best starting class royalty

The best class to choose for beginners in Demon’s Souls is the Royalty. This is because magic is broken in this game, especially with the setup the Royalty class starts with. When choosing a Royalty character, players have access to the powerful Soul Arrow offensive spell, and the Fragrant Ring constantly refills MP. Early on, this allows players to one-or-two-shot enemies with impunity.

Of course, all good things come to an end, and the Royalty class won’t be OP through the whole game. However, if players continue to level Intelligence and Magic (with occasional points in Vitality and Endurance), they can craft their character into a mage to be reckoned with.

Fortunately, choosing a class doesn’t lock players into any particular build in Demon’s Souls. If a player starts getting bored with magic, they can begin to stack stats to be a more melee-focused fighter. Also, a respec option becomes unlocked later in the game that lets players completely change their stats.

For beginners, though, the Royalty class is the best bet for a successful first playthrough. Magic might be a crutch, but sometimes one is needed when a game is this challenging.