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Tips and Tricks

Keep your sponsors happy all the time. It means more money and more chances for better upgrades.

Don't try to push all the time or you'll crash and die.

Keep a close eye on the wear on your tyres and the wear on your competitors's tyres.

Try not to focus too heavily on a single driver because you need both of them to be regularly finishing in the points if you want to win a series.

When qualifying watch your drivers all the time. If your see one of the drivers going slower than he was cancel his lap and bring him back in for a tweak.

While racing if you're just behind an opponent and his tyres are likely to give out soon don't push it just wait for him to go to pit.

Strategize by watching what your opponents are doing.

Creating your own drivers rather than hiring them is a good way of thinking long term and this game is all about long term goals.

Balance your development. Don't overdo just one aspect it won't bring anything good if the rest is terrible.

It's impossible to keep everyone happy so balance it out.

Keep in mind that getting more people into your team means your car can only get better.