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Is there a Destiny 2 Thanksgiving event?

Destiny 2 is a game that celebrates many different holidays. These often feature some kind of themed objective in the Tower area. With other games celebrating the American holiday of Thanksgiving, players are no doubt wondering if Destiny 2 will do the same. Here’s the need-to-know on a Destiny 2 Thanksgiving event, as well as details on the Bungie Black Friday 2020 sale.

Destiny 2 Thanksgiving event

destiny 2 thanksgiving event

While there is certainly room for a bunch of emotes themed around Thanksgiving, with players thanking one another or showing how full they are from too much turkey, there isn’t yet any in-game content for this celebration.

No, there is no Destiny 2 Thanksgiving event. The game plays exactly the same and there are no changes to the Tower. Characters don’t mention the holiday and it’s all business as usual for the Guardian.

It’s possible that Bungie will add Thanksgiving content for 2021 and we’ll be sure to update this article with any new information. Just a little turkey day emote would go a long way!

Destiny 2 Black Friday 2020 Sale

destiny 2 thanksgiving event

There is a Destiny 2 Black Friday 2020 sale on the Bungie Store.

Players can find discounts on physical items like vinyl figures, the Holiday Bundle, and lanyards, as well as lower prices for digital content like expansions. Click here to head to the Bungie Store.

In-game, there aren’t any discounts on Eververse items. It seems that Tess Everis doesn’t believe in big Black Friday discounts!

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