Netflix 8K | Is there 8K Ultra HD content?

As more and more people buy 8K TVs, the higher the demand for Netflix 8K video. As one of the biggest video streaming platforms, Netflix will be the go-to for those wanting to enjoy 8K Ultra HD content and show it off to friends. Here’s the need-to-know on Netflix 8K and its planned release date.

When is 8K video coming to Netflix?

netflix 8k

8K video will come to Netflix when more users upgrade to 8K TVs.

As seen in 2014 with 4K video, Netflix works to support popular display technology. As more HDR TVs were solid, Netflix moved to produce more HDR content.

As a leader in this market, Netflix is no doubt monitoring what TVs its customers are using. It will have numbers on how many are streaming 4K, those that are taking advantage of HDR, and those who are stuck watching at 1080p or lower. Once 8K displays are more widely adopted, Netflix will be able to see that.

Netflix 8K US Release Date

The Netflix 8K US release date is currently unknown. Though it’s been six years since Netflix announced support for 4K, there isn’t yet any news about 8K video.

At the time of writing, Netflix US has made 4K HDR available for many of its original movies and shows. When 8K is supported, Netflix Originals will probably be the first content to support the new Ultra HD resolution.

In other Netflix news, a Splinter Cell anime is in development for the streaming platform. It’s been years since fans got a proper new Splinter Cell game, but maybe an anime show is the next best thing.

Cyberpunk 2077 is also getting an anime release on Netflix. This show will expand upon the universe in which the game takes place.

Fans of The Witcher series will have been disappointed to hear that the second season of the show had paused filming because of the pandemic.