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Destiny 2 | How to farm Spinmetal Leaves

With the latest Destiny 2 New Light update, Spinmetal Leaves have been added to the game, and players are looking to farm them. This new planetary resource actually isn’t new at all. In the original Destiny, Spinmetal could be harvested or bought from vendors, but it was nowhere to be found in Destiny 2 until the expanded Cosmodrome campaign dropped.

Spinmetal Leaves will likely be the first planetary resource new players come across in Destiny 2. However, veterans will probably be scratching their heads when trying to farm Spinmetal Leaves since there’s no real incentive for them to ever go to the Cosmodrome.

How to farm Spinmetal Leaves in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Spinmetal Leaves Location

The easiest way to farm Spinmetal Leaves in Destiny 2 is to simply wander around the Cosmodrome picking up chests and resource nodes. Each node gives one leaf, and each chest provides two. However, they can be hard to spot if players aren’t equipped properly.

A rule of thumb when looking for planetary resources in Destiny 2 is to have a Ghost Shell dedicated to it. Players can level up a Ghost Shell’s energy and install mods that will highlight resource nodes and chests within a certain range. This makes farming Spinmetal Leaves a literal walk in the park, as players can just cruise around the Cosmodrome and pick up Spinmetal Leaves to their heart’s content.

Players can also get Spinmetal Leaves from Shaw Han’s bounties. It’s always good to pick a few of these up when hunting for nodes and chests as players can complete them as they go along. Public Events and high-value targets also drop chests that dispense the leaves as well. So, the easiest way to farm Spinmetal Leaves in Destiny 2 is to load up with Cosmodrome Bounties, equip a Ghost with the proper mod, and roam around the Cosmodrome picking up nodes, opening chests, and completing events.

Spider may also offer Spinmetal Leaves for sale at some point in the future. In that case, players can purchase as many leaves as they have currency for.