Box art - Dragon Ball XenoVerse

Dragon Ball XenoVerse PS3 Cheats


Unlock Characters

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding character.

  • Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, Super 17 and Omega Shenron - Collect the 7 Dragon Balls and choosing the eighth wish.
  • Super Saiyan 4 Goku - Complete ALL Parallel Quests.

Unlock Bardock and Broly Saga Mission

This mission becomes available when you complete the following tasks to find ALL 5 shards and then talk to Trunks.

* Defeat Quest 3 in the Demigra Saga.

Speak with Recon at Time Square.

* Complete Parallel Quest 49.

* Defeat Goku in Parallel Quest 14 or defeat Ginyu in Goku’s body during Parallel Quest 18.

* Complete Parallel Quest 2 or defeat Super Saiyan Goku in Parallel Quest 21.

Unlock Mentors

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding Mentor will randomly appear somewhere in Tokioki.

  • Android #18 - Complete the Androids Saga. Level 34 required.
  • Beerus (Bills) - Complete Goku's Training. Level 70 required.
  • Freeza (Frieza) - Complete the Frieza Saga and complete Ginyu's training. Level 20 required.
  • Ginyu - Complete the first half of the Freeza Saga. Level 15 required.
  • Gohan & Videl - Complete the Buu Saga. Level 40 required.
  • Gotenks - Complete the Buu Saga. Level 40 required.
  • Kuririn (Krillin) - Complete the first half of the Saiyan Saga.
  • Mr. Satan (Hercule) - Complete the first half of the Androids Saga (Cell Saga).
  • Perfect Cell - Complete the first half of the Androids Saga (Cell Saga). Level 30 required.
  • Piccolo - Complete the first half of the Saiyan Saga. Level 5 required.
  • Son Goku - Complete the Démigra Saga. Level 70 required.
  • Vegeta - Complete the Saiyan Saga. Level 8 required.


A Fantastic Journey Begins! - Cleared 1 Parallel Quest! - Bronze

A Fight Of Courage And Pride - Won online 7 times! - Silver

All Around The Universe - Visited all stages! - Bronze

Android Training - Completed training with #18! - Bronze

Another Bit Of Hope - Found Two-Star Ball! - Bronze

Battle For The Universe - Cleared the Majin Buu Saga! - Gold

Battle In Your Sleep - Completed 7 Auto-Patrols! - Bronze

Bio-android Training - Completed training with Cell! - Bronze

Chaos Is Coming! - Parallel Quest completion rate is over 50%! - Bronze

Close Calls Are More Exciting! (secret) - Cleared the Legendary Super Saiyan Saga! - Bronze

Destroyer Training - Completed training with Beerus! - Bronze

End Of The Century Excitement! - Parallel Quest completion rate is over 80%! - Bronze

Expanding Future - Cleared the God of Destruction Beerus Saga! - Silver

Eyes On The Prize - Gathered 500,000 zeni! - Bronze

For The Sake Of The Future - Played Online Battles for the first time! - Bronze

Full Super Power! - Gathered all ultimate attacks! - Bronze

Full Ultimate Power! - Gathered all super attacks! - Bronze

Fusion Training - Completed training with Gotenks! - Bronze

Ginyu Force Training - Completed training with Ginyu! - Bronze

Goodbye, Goku - Cleared the Saiyan Saga! - Bronze

Goodbye, Warriors - Cleared the Cell Saga!! - Silver

Grandpa's Memoir - Found Four-Star Ball! - Silver

Heart-Thumping Encounter - Added a Time Patroller to your Favorites List! - Bronze

Heroic Training - Completed training with Goku! - Bronze

I Got A Present For Ya! - Received a "Present!" - Bronze

If You Show Me Your Courage - Obtained all trophies! - Platinum

Impending War - Cleared the Ginyu Force Saga! - Bronze

Legendary Super Saiyan - Cleared the Frieza Saga! - Silver

Melancholic Curtain Call - Cleared the Return of the Saiyans Saga! - Bronze

Memories Buried In Time - Cleared all Parallel Quests! - Silver

Namekian Training - Completed training with Piccolo! - Bronze

Online Champion - Won Endless Battle 7 times! - Silver

Only Just Beginning - Cleared the prologue! - Bronze

Orin Temple Training - Completed training with Krillin! - Bronze

Peace For The Future - Cleared the Android Saga! - Bronze

Proof Of My Courage - Cleared 7 Parallel Quests! - Bronze

Rainbows Form In Your Eyes - Friendship levels maximized with all masters! - Silver

Rival To My Dreams - Observed 7 battles! - Bronze

Saiyan Training - Completed training with Vegeta! - Bronze

Share Your Energy With Me! - Sent a Gift! - Bronze

Strong Rival, Strong Hero! (secret) - Cleared the Demon God Demigra Saga! - Gold

Superhero Training - Completed training with Gohan and Videl! - Bronze

Take On All Challengers - Participated in Endless Battle 7 times! - Bronze

Team Player - Revived KO'd allies 7 times in online matches! - Bronze

The Best Miracle Of The World - Gathered 7 Dragon Balls and summoned Shenron! - Silver

The Greatest Warriors - Unlocked all characters and variations! - Silver

Tyrannical Training - Completed training with Frieza! - Bronze

Won't You Dance With Me? - Played Online Battles 7 times! - Silver

World Champ Training - Completed training with Hercule! - Bronze

World's Best Kept Secret! - Obtained your first Dragon Ball! - Bronze