Why did Snapchat freeze scores in 2021?

Snapchat users have noticed that their Snap scores aren’t updating in 2021. People like to see their points increase when using the social media app for iOS and Android, so it’s really annoying when it doesn’t display the latest total correctly. But, why did Snapchat freeze scores? Is it an intentional change, or the result of a glitch? Here’s the need-to-know on why someone’s Snap score would freeze.

Why does Snapchat freeze Snap scores? (2021)

Why did Snapchat freeze scores in 2021?

A high Snap score can be taken as an indication of how popular someone is, so it isn’t surprising that users don’t want to see their scores freeze and stop going up. Although having a broken Snapchat score doesn’t stop anybody from interacting with their friends, it isn’t an ideal situation. Why do Snapchat scores freeze, though?

Snapchat scores can freeze due to high server load and app maintenance. Users can check the Snapchat Support Twitter account for updates on the current Snapchat service status. Generally, waiting for a few hours will cause frozen Snap scores to update by themselves.

In 2021, with many people in lockdown due to the pandemic, Snapchat usage is incredibly high. This level of demand puts stress on the servers and can cause problems like frozen Snap scores.

If waiting doesn’t kickstart the Snap score, fortunately, there are ways to force a Snapchat score update. If the Snapchat technical issues behind the scenes are particularly bad, however, these may not work immediately. After trying the workarounds and waiting for an update, users that are still affected may wish to contact Snapchat Support for personalized help.

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