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Hitman 3 DLC | Is there a season pass?

Hitman 3 DLC would great extend the World of Assassination, which is already quite extensive. The last two games had some DLC so it’s only natural to wonder if this game will have a season pass. Here’s what kind of DLC might be coming to Hitman 3.

Is there a season pass or DLC for Hitman 3?

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There will be Hitman 3 DLC sometime down the road. Executive Producer Forest Swartout Large said in a recent interview with The Gamer that it will indeed add some sort of downloadable content to this third Hitman game. But the studio doesn’t quite know what it will be yet. But don’t expect new levels as IO explained that it was “not looking at new maps like the bank and the island,” which were two of Hitman 2‘s DLC levels.

Instead, it sounds like IO is going to make levels like Patient Zero and Landslide, which were both remixed stages from the core game. Patient Zero took Hokkaido and added a biohazardous lab on top of it and Landslide turned Sapienza into a movie set. This would fit Large’s statement as he said the team was “looking at using existing locations and reimagining them, twisting them.”

However, Hitman 3 has no season pass like the previous title. There is only the deluxe edition, which doesn’t include some sort of pass that unlocks future content like a season pass. It only contains some suits, the soundtrack, a digital book, director commentary, a few escalation contracts, and the Trinity Pack.

The Trinity Pack is related to Hitman 3‘s DLC as it seems to be the game’s biggest piece of downloadable content so far. It is the pre-order bonus and has a suit, briefcase, and weapon from each of the three games, meaning there are nine items in total. Hitman 1‘s items are white, Hitman 2‘s are red, and Hitman 3‘s are black. And, of course, the golden Hitman insignia is on each of the items. It is likely these will be sold down the line at a later date like Hitman 1‘s Blood Money-inspired pre-order bonus was, but it will probably not be free.