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Hitman 3 | All Dartmoor Murder Mystery clues

Dartmoor Manor in Hitman 3 offers Agent 47 a chance to practice his detective skills. The mission story is called Means, Motive And Opportunity, and it involves solving a murder mystery surrounding the unusual death of Zachary Carlisle. In order to figure out who killed Zachary, 47 must discover a number of hidden clues all around the estate. Here’s where to find every clue in Dartmoor Manor and solve the case.

Means, Motive And Opportunity | All Dartmoor Murder Mystery Clues

Hitman 3 - All Dartmoor Murder Mystery clues and locations

The Dartmoor murder mystery kicks off while following the Means, Motive And Opportunity mission story. During this mission, you must assume the identity of the Private Investigator sent to Dartmoor to figure out who killed Zachary. After donning his disguise, the Carlisle’s butler will allow you to search the manor for clues.

Each of these clues are spread across the estate, from the manor’s upstairs bedrooms to the glass greenhouse and even a few secret rooms. We’ve listed their locations based on where you need to check first. Find them all, and not only will you know who the real killer is, you’ll also complete the House Cleaning challenge.

Zachary’s Bedroom

Hitman 3 Murder Mystery clues - Zachary's bedroom

The first step is the most obvious: Zachary’s bedroom. There are several clues you’ll need to find before moving on:

  1. Zachary’s suicide note is sitting on the table near the fireplace. Pick it up to get a sample of his handwriting
  2. Inspect Zachary’s laptop to learn that he was shopping for boots the night of his death
  3. Use the camera to scan Zachary’s body and learn that he died by poisoning
  4. Scan the whiskey bottle and glass on the table next to the bed
  5. Search the shelf to find a book that will open the door to the secret room
  6. Finally, locate the mansion floor plan within the secret room

After completing your search of Zachary’s room, return to the butler Mr. Fernsby. He’ll advise you to speak with other members of the Carlisle family. This will compile a list of suspects in the mission’s intel menu. After that, take the butler’s advice by going around to speak to everyone and establish their alibis. The clues you find in the remaining rooms will either prove or disprove their stories.

Emma and Gregory’s Room

Hitman 3 Murder Mystery clues - Emma and Gregory's bedroom

Once you’ve heard everything all of the suspects have to say, head to Emma and Gregory’s room. The door is locked, so you’ll either need the butler’s key (found in Mr. Fernsby’s office) or a lockpick to open it. Alternatively, you can climb around the side of the building and enter the room from the terrace. These are the clues you need to find inside:

  1. Pick up the Letter from Emma’s Mother on the bedside table
  2. Locate the Greenhouse Key Chain near the luggage in front of the fireplace
  3. Scan the shoes and the muddy footprints to the left of the fireplace
  4. Finally, pick up the Walking Cane near to the door. Keep this, as you’ll need it later

Library Secret Room – Mysterious Switch

Hitman 3 Murder Mystery clues - Mysterious switch

While leaving the secret room adjacent to Zachary’s bedroom, you may have noticed a mysterious switch on the floor. The Walking Cane can be used to trigger these mechanisms to open secret doors.

You’ve already found the secret room connected to Zachary’s bedroom, but there’s another one in the Library. You can open it by activating the mysterious switch on the floor on the inside wall. Look inside to find this room’s only clue, Montgomery’s Long Lost Letter, which gives some back story about Emma.

Rebecca’s Room

Hitman 3 Murder Mystery clues - Rebecca's room

Rebecca’s Room is the last to check on this floor, and it’s also locked. However, if you look around, you’ll spot another switch you can activate with the cane to open a secret door and get inside. Once within, there are two clues to find:

  1. Scan Rebecca’s notebook to get a sample of her handwriting
  2. Inspect Rebecca’s laptop to confirm her work meeting story and establish an alibi

Mr. Fernsby’s Office

Hitman 3 Murder Mystery clues - Mr. Fernsby's office

Head back to the ground floor and find the door to the servant’s area. Once inside, head through the left door to encounter housemaid Rosie, who is crying over her entanglement with Patrick Carlisle. She may be upset, but she proves to be a solid alibi.

After speaking with Rosie, double back to locate a double-door leading into the Butler Mr. Fernsby’s office. Sneak or force your way inside to find three very important clues:

  1. Search the fireplace to discover Zachary’s half-burnt diary
  2. Look on the desk for Mr. Fernsby’s list to get a sample of his handwriting
  3. Lastly, find the bottle of Mr. Fernsby’s pills on the windowsill

The Greenhouse

Before your investigation can be concluded, you need to investigate the Greenhouse behind the garden. The doors are locked, so you’ll again have to find your own way inside. Once within, there are just two clues to discover:

  1. Inspect the broken lab equipment to reveal its use in creating a lethal poison
  2. Use the camera to scan the poison dosage table, revealing that the suspect intends to murder Alexa Carlisle next

The Final Clues

Hitman 3 Murder Mystery clues - muddy footprints

If you’ve been following this guide, there are only a few clues left. All of these need to be scanned with the camera:

  1. The Trophy Room has documents detailing the Carlisle’s assets
  2. The Sitting Room contains a portrait of Montgomery Carlisle
  3. The stairway outside the Sitting Room has a series of muddy footprints. Look for these in between the two sets of stairs on the west walkway
  4. Finally, the Dining Room has Edward’s speech sitting in the middle of the table for you to scan

Who Killed Zachary Carlisle?

By now, you’ve gathered all the clues in the case of Zachary Carlisle’s death. At this point, you have enough information to implicate several different members of the family. However, based on all of the available evidence, Emma is the one who killed Zachary Carlisle. Whether or not you reveal this to Alexa up to you to decide.

Report back to Mr. Fernsby, who will lead you to Alexa’s office. Give her the results of your investigation, and if desired, barter in exchange for the case file you need to complete the mission. With your business concluded, Alexa will walk out onto the terrace alone, giving you a perfect opportunity for a clean kill. Congratulations, you’ve solved the Dartmoor murder mystery and completed the House Cleaning challenge.