TikTok Videos Freezing Fix | How to stop it glitching out? (2021)

When it’s going great, TikTok for iOS (iPhone) and Android can be a killer entertainment app, providing videos upon videos of burst-fire content. It can be addicting as heck, but that can all be brought to a screeching halt if the app stops working properly. Some users have reported videos freezing and the app glitching out. Here’s how to stop TikTok videos freezing and prevent other glitches.

How to stop TikTok videos freezing

How to stop TikTok videos freezing

To stop TikTok videos freezing, users should skip the frozen video and then move back to it after watching another clip.

Other TikTok glitch fixes include:

  • Update the app.
    • Ensuring the latest version of TikTok is installed through the iOS App Store or Google Play Store will help to increase stability.
  • Close and reopen the app.
    • Swipe away the app to make sure it’s fully closed. Then reopen it and see if it works properly.
  • Reboot the device.
    • Sometimes apps can misbehave because of the hardware that they are being run on.
  • Reinstall the app.
    • A fresh app install is a good way of removing any corruption.
  • Log out and back in again.
    • When facing issues with a certain account, logging out and then back in can sometimes help solve issues.

Here’s hoping the above fixes get TikTok users back up and running. Videos freezing and the app glitching out are issues that stop the flow of meme-able content on the hottest new video app.

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