Was TikTok’s That Vegan Teacher arrested?

TikTok is a great place for social media users to get noticed, but the attention isn’t always positive. Such is the case with That Vegan Teacher, a prominent figure that keeps getting swept into controversy. Often vilified for her unpopular stances on health and religion, new rumors state that That Vegan Teacher was arrested. But is there any truth to this story? Keep reading to find out.

TikTok | Was That Vegan Teacher arrested?

TikTok - Was That Vegan Teacher arrested?

At the time of writing, there’s no evidence that That Vegan Teacher has been arrested. This rumor has taken many forms, including at least one image suggesting she was put into jail for murder. That Vegan Teacher has debunked these rumors herself, saying she has not been arrested or jailed.

Still, there are plenty of TikTok users who would like to see her locked away. She’s a highly controversial figure, having been called out by other TikTok users for promoting what could be seen as an unhealthy lifestyle. Her rap sheet seems to keep growing: She’s allegedly made unusual statements about religion and sexuality, suggested that children adopt a vegan diet despite their parents’ concerns, and even gotten on the wrong side of animal rights activists by forcing her dog into a vegan diet.

In fact, she’s caused so much of a furor that there’s currently a Change.org petition to have her removed from TikTok entirely. Complaints range from users concerned about promoting unhealthy lifestyles to allegations of both heresy and racism.

Still, That Vegan Teacher has not been arrested. Rumors stating that she’s now incarcerated seemed to have first appeared around the end of January 2021. While they’re usually light on details, some suggest that she had committed multiple crimes, even becoming an accessory to murder. She responded on both TikTok and YouTube with a musical number called “Apparently I’ve Been Arrested,” advising everyone not to believe the rumors and to stay calm.

So no, That Vegan Teacher has not been arrested. Despite rubbing many people the wrong way, there’s no evidence that she’s committed any crime. This rumor seems to be completely unfounded.