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Super Mario 3D World | Can you unlock Daisy?

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury features a cast of characters immediately familiar to fans of the series, but many are still wondering how to unlock Daisy in the Nintendo Switch remake. The Sarasaland Princess is a fan favorite and a mainstay across Mario’s various multiplayer games, so her absence in Super Mario 3D World’s starting line-up is notable. So is there a way to play as Daisy in the game?

Can you play as Daisy in Super Mario 3D World?

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The theory that Daisy is an unlockable character stems from the appearance of ‘Daisy cats’ in Bowser’s Fury. These cats have been named as such because they share Daisy’s iconic coloring of orange, white, and brown, leading many to believe that they hint at Daisy being playable in-game.

These Daisy kittens are found across Lakeside, Ruins, and Wasteland in Bowser’s Fury’s Lake Lapcat map, with 50 available to find in total. Returning all 50 kittens to their mother rewards players with a Cat Shine, but does it unlock Daisy in Super Mario 3D World?

Unfortunately for Daisy fans, no, the character is not playable in Super Mario 3D World. But this doesn’t mean that she will never be playable. The presence of the ‘Daisy cats’ has caused some to speculate that she will be available to play as in future DLC, assuming that Nintendo plans to support Super Mario 3D World further down the line.

Adding Daisy as a skin swap for Peach, similar to how there are different colored Toads in the game, would be an easy way for Nintendo to add her into the co-op platformer. However, as Nintendo didn’t provide any additional DLC for the game’s release on the Wii U, the company could also choose to not release additional content for its Switch remake, even though sales of the game are higher this time around.

In other Super Mario 3D World news, players have also been looking for level 3-B in the game, while Nintendo announced a special edition Switch to coincide with the game’s launch.