Can you play multiplayer on Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch has some excellent local multiplayer experiences. Most players enjoy these games in TV mode. However, some users are wondering whether the Nintendo Switch Lite is multiplayer capable or not. We’ll examine whether users can play multiplayer on the Switch Lite below.

Is the Switch Lite multiplayer?


The Switch Lite isn’t going to be as multiplayer-oriented as the standard version of the console. However, users can play local multiplayer on the Switch Lite, but there are some caveats that they’ll have to work with.

First of all, the Switch Lite can’t output to a TV. Even using a third-party USB-C-to-HDMI cord that works with a standard Switch doesn’t work. Unfortunately, the USB-C port on the Switch Lite doesn’t support video out. This means that users will have to play games using only the Lite’s 5.5-inch screen, making for awkward seating arrangements and potential eyestrain.

Another factor that makes multiplayer on the Switch Lite less than ideal is the controller situation. Sure, one player could use the built-in controls, and another could use Joy-Cons or a Pro Controller, but this is extremely awkward. So, to play somewhat comfortably, a user must invest in two or more sets of Joy-Cons or Pro Controllers.

Unlike the base model of the Nintendo Switch, the Lite doesn’t have a kickstand on the rear. Although the kickstand’s durability has been criticized on the standard Switch, it at least gives users a way to play in Tabletop Mode without needing to purchase additional accessories. Unfortunately, since it’s missing the kickstand, the Switch Lite doesn’t officially support Tabletop Mode. Users will have to either prop it up against an item or purchase a third-party case that includes a method to stand the console up.

The Nintendo Switch Lite does support local multiplayer, but it’s not ideal. The console is designed around a single-player experience, and users will find it’s worth the extra money to purchase a standard Switch if they want to play local multiplayer frequently.