Will there be a Higurashi Gou Season 2?

Update: As we predicted, Higurashi Gou will be getting a sequel series that’ll serve the same function as a second season. Higurashi: When They Cry – Sotsu will debut in July 2021, and will be simulcast on Funimation.

Higurashi: When They Cry – Gou has been a roller coaster for fans of the franchise since its October 2020 premiere. The official website lists 24 episodes for the series, but with the airing of episode 23, it seems impossible for the story to wrap up in just 22 minutes. Now, we’re left with the question of whether or not Higurashi Gou Season 2 is on its way.

Also, for anyone who is still confused, Higurashi Gou is not a reboot. Please watch the original, it’s one of our favorite horror anime.

Warning: Spoilers below for the Higurashi franchise.

Will there be a Higurashi Gou Season 2?

Higurashi Gou Episode 23

One of the exciting things about Higurashi Gou is that it’s not based on an existing work. That means we have no clue where it’s going or where it’s going to end. A companion manga is being produced, but it’s being printed after the anime. That means we don’t really know for sure whether there will be a Higurashi Gou Season 2 or not.

At the conclusion of episode 22, it seemed like there was a small possibility that the series could wrap up in two episodes. However, the realization that those close to Satoko will retain more and more memories with each of her loops has thrown a wrench in things. Teppei’s attempt at redemption due to the compounded memories of his life across multiple loops is a major event for the series, as to this point, he has never been shown in anything other than the harshest light.

Her tactic to push Rika into staying in Hinamizawa is just to loop over and over, and the latest episode opened with Satoko abusing her looping power to win a simple card memorization game. However, with Teppei’s actions, we’ve learned anyone can now be a wild card if their memories trigger in a particular loop.

With these new twists, we don’t believe there’s any way that the series can wrap up in one episode. Either there are more coming this season that haven’t been listed, or the season will wrap with episode 24, and Higurashi Gou Season 2 will premiere either immediately after or after a hiatus. It’s also possible that Higurashi Gou will technically “end” with episode 24, and the conclusion of the Satokowashi-hen arc and a “new” series will debut the week afterward (or after a brief break).