What is the thicc Pikachu Pokemon card?

Fans who are new to Pokemon: Trading Card Game might be scratching their head when they hear someone refer to a “thicc Pikachu.” After all, the electric mouse is fairly dainty, right? Well, this wasn’t always the case, and a few fat Pikachu cards exist, some of which command a relatively high price.

Pokemon TCG: What is a fat Pikachu card?

Pokemon fat pikachu cards thicc

Pikachu’s original design wasn’t the slim one we know today. In Pokemon Red and Blue, Pikachu was a thicc boy. Its card in the base set has the original design, which causes many fans to refer to it as a thicc or fat Pikachu card. All base set cards are going for way over MSRP, and with Pikachu being such a popular character, even common cards of it go for more than most other Pokemon.

Since GameFreak changed the design of Pikachu to be slimmer around the time the anime and Pokemon Yellow were released, there aren’t a ton of different thicc Pikachu cards. However, there is one particularly desirable thicc Pikachu card that was released in a recent set. The Pikachu VMAX card released in the Sword & Shield – Vivid Voltage expansion is possible the thiccest Pikachu to date. The card comes in two variations: holo rare VMAX and Rainbow Rare. The Pikachu VMAX rainbow rare, in particular, is very desirable and commands hundreds of dollars on the secondary market.

For fans that want a thicc Pikachu card, the base set or Jungle expansion versions are the easiest to find. Since they’re older cards, they’re a bit expensive, but near mint, ones can be found in the $10-20 range. The Pikachu VMAX cards are significantly more expensive. Buyers can find Non-graded versions of the holo rare VMAX version for $30-50, but it’ll run $125-150 for graded ones. Graded Pikachu VMAX rainbow rare cards are going for $400-500, so prepare to pay big bucks for the most thicc Pikachu card.