Box art - Broken Age

Broken Age iPhone Cheats

Tips and Tricks

Only the left-click mouse function can be used and when you hover over an interactive object, the cursor will change to a dashed circle.

Pressing spacebar to skip dialog will skip the entire conversation—not just the current line that’s being spoken—and return you to the dialog menu.

Look at the items in your inventory. Shay and Vella will often provide hints to their use.

You can swap between the two characters at any time if you're stuck on a puzzle in one of the stories.

Talk to everyone about everything, try to pick everything up, look at everything.

Broken Age: Act 1 tells two separate stories: that of Vella and that of Shay and you can play these stories in any order, and freely switch between them at any time by clicking the other character’s portrait in your inventory menu.

There is never a need to switch between them to complete a puzzle or progress.