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Monster Hunter Rise Character Creation: Male or Female differences

The first big choice that players have to make in Monster Hunter Rise is whether to play as a male or female character. Character creation is huge in this game, with new characters potentially taking an hour or more to fine-tune and adjust. Here’s advice on whether to choose Type 1 (Male) or Type 2 (Female) in MHR.

Monster Hunter Rise Male or Female Type differences

Monster Hunter Rise Male or Female Character

The differences between male and female characters in Monster Hunter Rise are cosmetic. This means that both male and female hunters enjoy the same gameplay experience, with no adjustment to stats or movesets.

The key difference is the way that armor looks. The same piece of armor equipped to a male character can sometimes look drastically different to the way it appears on a female’s body. This is despite the armor still have the same skills and stats assigned to it.

Players should choose male or female based on their aesthetic preference. That is, choosing the character that they want to play the game as based on how they look.

Are there Free Character Edit Vouchers for Monster Hunter Rise?

Monster Hunter Rise Male or Female Character

No, there are not Free Character Edit Vouchers for Monster Hunter Rise.

At the time of writing, no voucher DLC has been announced for the game, nor is it available through the Nintendo eShop. However, it is possible that will be added post-launch.

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