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Outriders Quarry Location: Where to use the Outriders Legacy key

When players get to Trench City in Outriders, they’ll find the Outriders’ Legacy quest that leads them to a key. This key is meant to unlock a door in the Quarry, but it’s likely that players haven’t discovered that location at this point in the game (especially if playing solo). Unfortunately, upon obtaining the key, it’s not made clear how to find the Quarry and where the hatch is that it unlocks.

Where is the Quarry in Outriders?

Outriders find quarry location Outriders Legacy key

The Quarry is the next area players go to after finishing up the main story quest in Trench Town. To access it, players must complete the mission Onslaught by leading the attack on the Insurgent bunker. After this quest is complete, players will unlock the Quarry and can proceed to use the key in the next part of the Outriders’ Legacy questline.

Unfortunately for those who complete the first part of Outriders’ Legacy at the earliest opportunity, the game doesn’t make it clear that the Quarry is a separate location from Trench Town and the surrounding area. After obtaining the key from Lucy, the Outrider simply acknowledges that the door it unlocks is in the Quarry, and the waypoint for the quest points to nowhere since it’s not on the map yet.

Once the Quarry is unlocked, finding the hatch is as easy as setting Outriders’ Legacy to the active quest and following the waypoint (at least if the game isn’t crashing). Once players enter the area, the marker will take them south of the camp into the Nesting Grounds. From there, players will need to clear out some enemies and head through a hideout to make it to the hatch.

However, this underground bunker is just another stop along the way for the Outriders’ Legacy quest. Documents found there will point players toward the next objective in this long, multi-step quest. Fortunately, the story, and the rewards, are worth the trouble.