When is the Invincible episode 6 release time and date on Amazon Prime Video?

The Invincible episode 6 release time and date are on their way, with the next episode in the Amazon Prime Video superhero series set to air shortly. With things heating up significantly in the titular hero’s professional and personal life, viewers are desperate to find out what happens next. So when does Invincible episode 6 come out?

Invincible episode 6 release date and time

invincible episode 6 release date and time

Invincible episode 6 will air on Friday, April 16 on Amazon Prime Video. It should be available at around 12 PM PDT, the same time as the previous episode.

Each new episode of Invincible airs weekly every Friday, following the debut of the initial three episodes on Amazon’s streaming service. The show follows 17-year-old Mark Grayson as he struggles with his role as the titular superhero alongside his life as a high school student.

How to watch Invincible episode 6

Episode 6 can be streamed via Prime Video for those with a subscription to Amazon Prime.

Watch Invincible episode 6 right here when it airs this Friday at 12 PM PDT.

In last week’s episode, Invincible found himself facing his most difficult challenge yet after he was brutally taken down by Battle Beast. One of the comic book series’ most iconic characters, Battle Beast eviscerated the Guardians of the Globe and Invincible before retreating, leaving the hero’s future in question.

Grayson’s villainous father Omni-man was also depicted watching the fight unfold without intervening, with Invincible potentially witnessing the first glimpses of his dad’s ulterior motives. In episode 6, we should find out more about how his defeat at the hands (and axe) of Battle Beast has impacted Invincible, and why Omni-man decided against helping his son.