Can you get YouTube Vanced on iOS for iPhone or iPad?

Android users can install the YouTube Vanced app to skip ads and sponsored content. Obviously, iOS users would like to have access to the app as well. Here’s whether or not you can get YouTube Vanced on iPhone or iPad.

Can you install YouTube Vanced on iPhone and iPad?

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Unfortunately, YouTube Vanced isn’t available on iOS devices. Sideloading an app is more difficult on iPhone and iPad. No plans to bring the app to iOS have been announced, so users shouldn’t expect to see it anytime soon.

However, there are some alternatives for iOS that offer similar functionality. One of the solutions below might be perfect for those who just want to block YouTube ads on iPhone and iPad.

YouTube Vanced alternatives for iOS

There are a few solutions for iPhone and iPad that offer similar results to YouTube Vanced. Unfortunately, they either cost money or are generally harder to install.

YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red)

Most people install YouTube Vanced to block ads. Well, the easiest way to block YouTube ads on iOS is just not to get them at all. For $11.99 per month, YouTube Premium allows subscribers to enjoy the service ad-free. Additionally, unlike with YouTube Vanced and other ad-blockers, paying for YouTube Premium actually helps support content creators since they still make money when Premium viewers watch content.


Setting up a Pi-Hole on a home network can block ads from YouTube and all sorts of other sources. This means users can watch videos ad-free on their iOS devices as long as they’re connected to their home Wi-Fi. The obvious drawback to this is that it doesn’t work with mobile data unless a user is willing to set up OpenVPN and configure their phone to tunnel through their home network.

Use YT++ or Cercube

Some iOS exclusive apps, like YT++ and Cercube, have similar features to YouTube Vanced. However, users will have to either jailbreak their phones or use AltStore to install them.