Invincible Episode 8 Release Date and Time: When is the finale released?

Invincible episode 8 will be the finale of the Amazon Prime Video series, with it set to answer the show’s most lingering question: why did Omni-Man kill the Guardians of the Globe? Those left wondering about the fate of the show’s superheroes are inevitably wondering when the Invincible episode 8 release date and time will take place, so they can finally find out what will happen to the Grayson family.

When is the Invincible episode 8 release date and time?

Invincible episode 8’s release date is April 30, 2021. Viewers will be able to watch the finale next Friday, with it set to air at around 00:01 AM PST.

Amazon has been releasing the episodes on its Prime Video service earlier than expected throughout the show’s run, with its previous episode even airing on Thursday. As a result, fans may want to keep their eyes peeled on Prime or the show’s official Twitter account to make sure they don’t miss it when it goes live.

Invincible Episode 8 Finale Review: What to expect

Invincible’s finale is set to see Omni-Man finally facing up to his son and revealing not only that he killed the Guardians of the Globe, but also explaining the reasons why. In the previous episode, Invincible unwittingly helped his father defeat a monster that had been put in his path to stop his continued murderous spree, with him then witnessing his dad murder the reanimated body of Immortal.

After Invincible watches Omni-Man tear Immortal in half, it becomes clear that not everything is right within his superhero family. The last episode ended just as Omni-Man was about to reveal the reason behind his actions, at which point Invincible will need to make a decision about whether or not to stand up against his father, or fight by his side.

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